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  • v1.3.9 Update Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Chain Strike will be updated to v1.3.9!

    Please read below for more info on the update.

    > Update Schedule: Jul. 24th 7pm - Jul. 25th 12am PDT
    * The game will be undergoing maintenance when the update begins.

    * Details of the maintenance schedule will be notified in the near future.

    * There may be a delay in the update to appear in the market according to the device you use.

    > Update Reward: Default 5★ Hwaryong (Random Direction) + 100 Moonstones + 200 Shoes

    - The update reward will be available during Jul. 25th 1am - Aug. 25th 7:59am PDT.

    * Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

    > Please Note
    - Please make sure to update the game to the latest version as versions below v1.3.8 will be blocked after the update.

    - You must update the game to the latest version after the maintenance is over in order to apply new content to the game.

    - A data patch will be downloaded to apply the latest changes when you access the game for the first time since the update. WiFi connection is recommended to avoid any additional data charges.​

    ■ Update Details

    1. New Content: Live PvP Arena (Beta)
    - New live PvP content, Arena, will be added.

    - Users of all servers will be able to enter the Arena at the same time twice a day, every day during 8pm - 9pm and 4am - 5am PDT.

    - The rules are the same as Goodwill Battle, but the equipment/relic stats equipped to guardians will not be applied.

    - Winners can earn a reward from the following:
    * Available Rewards: Shoes/Gold/Flora/Dimension Crystals/Moria Pieces

    * Different rewards will be sent depending on your grade.

    * The Goodwill Battle will be temporarily unavailable during Jul. 22nd - v1.3.9 update to prepare for Arena.

    2. New Normal Legendary Guardian
    - Normal Legendary Guardian: Hwaryong

    * Normal Legendary Guardians can be acquired as Legendary grade via [Dimension Shift].

    * Event Summon for Hwaryong/Diaz/Fritz will be held after the update. Please refer to the future notice for more info.

    3. New Packages
    1) Update Packages 1~3
    - Each package can be purchased up to 2 times per account during the sale period.

    * The three Update Packages are available for purchase until Aug. 15th. (Based on server time)
    [Update Package Purchase Bonus Reward]

    - Purchase 1 time: Golden Box x1

    - Purchase 3 times: 6★ Moria x1

    - Purchase 5 times: 6★ Kirke x1

    2) Super Boost Package
    - You can acquire materials to upgrade guardians faster and the purchase is available once a month.

    3) Dimension Shift Package - Hwaryong
    - You can acquire Hwaryong and the purchase is available 3 times per account.

    * Dimension Shift Package - You can purchase Hwaryong until Aug. 7th. (Based on server time)

    4) 4 Costume Packages
    - Cool Vacation Dia Package: You can get Cool Vacation Dia Costume.

    - Water Dragon's Wing Habanerin Package: You can get Water Dragon's Wing Habanerin Costume.

    - Summer Costume Package: You can get Cool Vacation Dia Costume + Water Dragon's Wing Habanerin Costume.

    - Snow Hwaryong Package (Re-sale): You can get Snow Hwaryong Costume.

    * Above 4 costumes are available for purchase until Oct. 25th. (Based on server time)

    [New Costumes]

    - Cool Vacation Dia Costume: 3,000 Moonstones

    - Water Dragon's Wing Habanerin Costume: 3,000 Moonstones​

    4. Existing Package Modification
    1) Package Name Modification

    - Weekly Package 1 → NEW Awakening Package

    - Weekly Package 2 → Boost Potion Package

    - Weekly Package 3 → Glory Package

    - Weekly Package 4 → Flora Package

    2) Package Purchase Count Modification

    - NEW Awakening Package/Boost Potion Package/Flora Package: Purchasable 10 times a month starting Aug. 1st.

    - Glory Package/Legendary Awakening Package: Purchasable 3 times a month starting Aug. 1st.
    3) Sale Over

    - Power-up Packages 1&2/Awakening Package will no longer be available for sale.

    5. Content Improvement: Ambush of the World Boss

    - The position (Attack/Defense/HP/Support) of banned guardians will no longer be duplicated.

    - The HP of Boss "Aries" (Low/Mid Difficulty) will be slightly reduced.

    6. Content Improvement: Guild

    - You can now join Guilds in two different ways. (Approval or Instant Join)

    - Guild members whose deck is set up at the guardian stone battle defense placement can now reserve to leave the guild even when the Guild Battle is in progress.

    * Guild members who reserved to leave the guild will be automatically expelled from the guild when the season ends.

    - Guild members can now change the guild stone battle defense placement info instantly while the guild battle is being held.

    7. Content Improvement: Quest & Reward

    - Some rewards of Special Attendance (New), Special Missions and Quests will be modified. (You'll now be able to earn more Gold.)

    - [Special Mission] "Enter the Goodwill Battle 3 times" mission will be changed to "Enter the Promotion Battle 1 time".

    - The 4★ guardian summoned for the first time during the tutorial will be fixed to 4★ Carly (Queen Direction).

    8. Content Improvement: Book

    - You'll now be able to "Rate" guardians in the Book Menu. You can also rate guardians on their efficiency depending on their type (regardless of the direction).

    - Comments you leave when you rate guardians will now be displayed along with the date.

    ※ Comments written prior to the update will all be deleted upon update.

    9. Other Modifications

    - [Hall of Judgment: Low/Mid Difficulty] The amount of rewards and chances of you acquiring better rewards will be increased.

    - New loading screen images will be added (Cool Vacation Dia/Water Dragon's Wing Habanerin).​