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  • Rep. Skylander

    Here’s some thoughts about adding Rep. Skylander in game: one can use friend’s representative skylander in adventure and challenge once per friend per day.


    1. This will promote inter-connections between friends in game. It should be a very good remedy to current “add and delete for extreme dungeon” model which makes friend list more like airbnb — come and go, no real connections.

    2. This will properly close gaps for b10/tower/etc for newer players or those who don’t have much time farming runes all day.
    The gap is a challenging dilemma issue —
    On one hand com2us needs to make it not as easy so people still have things to do and goal to achieve, and don’t get bored as development takes time ongoing.
    On the other hand it is frustrating for those who doesn’t spend as much money or as much time getting blocked by the gap and lose the interest/enjoyment of the game. Talent system and magic shop is part of efforts resolving it, but may not be sufficient.
    I believe friends’ rep monster closes this gap properly without introducing an abusing possibility, please share your thoughts too?

    3. This will promote diversity of skylanders.
    To be honest this game takes a long time and heavy investment for a skylander to be “usable”.
    Neither shards nor skill stones can be easily retrieved sufficiently within weeks for just one skylander’s building.
    Therefore many players don’t risk investing into building new unpopular skylanders, and someone even ask others’ account to test building something before they decide to do so.
    It would be great to use friends rep’s skylander as an approach to try out and experience new skylanders that one hasn’t built yet.


    1. Is there possibility of “abusing” this rep feature?
    I think everything has a chance to be abused, but to be fair I think the chance is pretty low on this feature.
    It’s not really a “cons” here, but more like a preventative method suggestion to avoid abusing — make certain challenges (like a niche skylander required for tower level xxx) to not only require that niche skylander, but also requires rng.
    So that even if one can use friends’ rep monster it will still take several tries, meaning several days and several friends’ supports (if the player doesn’t want to build this niche skylander by himself).

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    Please share your thoughts and like if you agree this will help to make the game better, so that it may catch a bit more attention and get prioritized by dev team. Thank you