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be able to swap unknown scroll for mystical scroll !!!

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  • be able to swap unknown scroll for mystical scroll !!!

    my idea is to be able to exchange 100 unknown scrolls for 1 mystical scroll with a limit of 3 weekly.
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    There's no reason for Com2us to add this. They only add things if there's a way to make money from it. US are too easy to get and so it wouldn't incentivize people to spend money.


    • Zaila
      Zaila commented
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      They make tons of money from everything in this game. People literally spend hundreds and thousands on it, a few even 10s of thousands. That's the reason why nearly every update to the game is based around getting players to part with cash in some way.

    • Karo_Havoc
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      Apart from the fact they are a business and that they need to make money from it.

    • zuttohitori
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      Why would they bother trying making money off unknown scroll when they can offer ms pack. Its like tempting people to buy normal grade runes when there are legendary rune packs.