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Failed to connect with the network. Please try again later.(S:9)

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  • Failed to connect with the network. Please try again later.(S:9)

    I've been recently having an issue where when I try to start the game it immediately gives me a failed to disconnect error, It doesn't seem like its even trying to connect and the only way I've found so far to get around it is to go into airplane mode, try to connect and while its trying if I turn airplane mode off it will sometimes work for awhile before kicking me off. My internet has been having no problems with anything else and I've reinstalled the game 3 times already but nothing seems to fix it. I'm currently on the global server and live in Qatar.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    do you use wifi? or 3g/4g?
    maybe try resetting your wifi router? or turn your phone off/on and see if it helps?


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      Turning my phone on and off doesn't seem to do anything, I can only use wifi because I don't have data here but I have tried more than 1 wifi


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        did it work fine before? when did this issue start?


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          The issue has been happening since reinstalled the game after being inactive for awhile, I used to play in the US but have since moved to Qatar


          • Kalionys
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            :/ i dont know what might be the cause
            have you tried to reset your wifi router?

            if that doesnt work try contacting support team in hive site (be sure to add in the ticket everything you tried to make it work)