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  • First 6* and farmer

    Hi all,

    I'm currently in doubt on which mon I should 6* first as I've pulled some mons that I think may be better at farming and GB and stuff than Lapis. I'd appreciate everyone's advice and opinion and will take all to the heart.

    Following is a list of the mons I think are worth mentioning (Screenshots attached):

    - Lapis
    - Fire Sky Dancer (Hwahee)
    - Imesety
    - Shimitae
    - Eirgar
    - Fire Samurai (Jun)
    - Brandia (NAT5)(Fire polar queen)
    - Okeanos (NAT5)(Fire sea emperor)
    - Mav
    - Konamiya

    - Fire bounty hunter (Randy)
    - Roaq
    - Bernard
    - Talc (Water mammoth)
    - Sabrina (Water Boomerang Warrior)
    - Water Samurai (Kaz)
    - Water Cannon Girl (Abigail)
    - Water Chakram Dancer (Talia)
    - Fire Sylph (Baretta)
    - Fire Brownie Magician (Draco)
    - Fire Undine (Atenai)
    - Wind Pierret (Sophia)
    - Wind Lich (Fuco)
    - Wind Barbarian King (Hraesvelg)

    - Water Mystic Witch (Megan)
    - Water Epikion Priest (Rina)
    - Shannon
    - Water Giant Warrior (Bagir)
    - Water Hellhound (Tarq)

    Light/Dark pulls:
    - Dark Yeti
    - Dark Mummy
    - Dark Martial Cat
    - Dark Bounty Hunter
    - Light Imp (Taru)
    - Dark Salamander (Decamaron)

    Worth mentioning:
    I'm ready to fuse all mons after leveling and awakening all mons. (I have all fodder mons except Iron for VERO)

    I'm aware how long of a list this is, but I'd appreciate all help and the time you'd put into reading and helping a noob out.

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    looks like lapis your only quick, reliable looking farmer...sure other monster probably can but they'd be slow/unreliable


    • Kalionys
      Kalionys commented
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      maybe wind barb king can but not with the runes u can currently get
      end game players can mke almost any monster be able to farm - doesnt mean they r good in general and for early game players in specific

      you have several good monsters but it will be easier with lapis imo (with the runes u can currently acquire)

    • janschprs
      janschprs commented
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      Alright, thanks to both of you. So I'd be better off 6*'ing Lapis and continue farming Vero and Bella, then 6* them after ?

      EDIT: Right after I typed this I finally got the Fire Living Armor. Lol

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    like Axelluu said - lapis

    also try to check this thread (its a bit long but got some decent info for beginners )


    • janschprs
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      Alright, thank you!

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    Lapis. Put Eirgar's rune on her tomorrow, FRR.


    • janschprs
      janschprs commented
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      Hey Skavator, I put the revenge and vampire runes on her I got from free missions and she can farm hell faimon pretty fast. I've got my GB10 team set now, 6*ed both Vero and Bella as well as Lapis. Thanks for ur help!

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    lapis !!!!!


    • Ganesa IX
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      I was waiting for this.