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  • Tips for Beginners

    welcome to summoners war

    this thread is meant to help newer players understand what to do so that they can progress faster
    and explain a few basic concepts of the game that are not explained too well in game

    note that the tips here are just.... tips
    you can play at your own pace and style - i hope you have fun however you choose to play

    if you have any questions (whether if its about the contents of this thread or about more advanced topics) please open a new thread to discuss them

    if you have any feedback to improve/change this thread - pls reply in this thread

    1. I just recently started the game what should i do?
    2. Basic secret dungeon info
    3. Basic rune info
    4. Building your 1st Auto Giants B10 team
    5. A 'short' overview over pve areas and recommended progression route
    6. All of the fusion (monster) materials and where they can be farmed

    1. I just recently started the game what should i do?

    1) Friends
    Ask in the chat for people with strong reps (Preferably Chow, Camilla, Beth, Alicia, Laika, Verad, Zaiross, Lushen)
    so that you can use them whenever you reach a scenario stage which you can't beat on your own.

    2) Mentors
    Add these asap, use them as you would use your friends (See above).

    3) Runes
    For the earliest of stages
    DO NOT upgrade runes UNLESS they are 4* or higher.
    Completing certain scenario's will give you the option to choose between a fatal/blade/energy set - always choose blade

    check the "3. basic rune info" guide for more info on runes

    4) Monsters
    try to keep at least 1 copy of each: (you can put monsters you dont currently use in the storage building)

    1) fire/water/wind natural 4*/5* monster

    2) light/dark natural 3*/4*/5* monster
    even if a monster might seem useless right now (might rly be almost useless)
    it might be better in other content or with better runes or might get buffed in the future

    getting the same monster again might be hard (especially with light/dark monsters)

    3) monsters that are used as fusion food

    when you reach level 17 you can build the fusion hexagram (unless you are currently in japan)
    once you build it you can use it to fuse nat4 and nat5 monsters (everyone has access to the same monsters from that building)
    and when you enter the 'power up circle' - you will see a small 'fusion' sign on the lower left corner of the monster pic of some of the monsters
    (should look like this: Click image for larger version  Name:	fusion.PNG Views:	1 Size:	2.4 KB ID:	1866052 )
    try to keep 1 of every fusion material you get so you can have it when you wanna make that fusion
    1st fusion you will want to work on is veromos

    note that:
    some fusions need the same base monsters so you might wanna keep doubles of some of them
    and if you summon the nat4 that are available through fusion you might not need to save their fusion materials anymore

    special mention:
    devilmons - they are rare and are used to skill up (for the most part) only natural 5* monsters
    you will need quite a bit of devilmons to skill up just the free nat5 you get (fusion/ifrits/crafting) as well as other nat5 monsters u might get in the future

    DO NOT waste them on natural 4* monsters or lower
    even if u think it might be good to feed a devilmon to a specific nat4 mon - its best to ask 1st or wait till you have more experience in the game

    5) which buildings should i buy for my island?
    1) buy all the buildings (that arent decorations unless you want to do some awesome Island fan art ) that only cost mana

    2) buy the crystal titan - save some crystals and buy him (its worth it in the long run)

    3) dont buy the 'Crystal lake' nor the 'Gusty Cliffs' - xp buildings arent an 'efficient' way to get xp and using crystals on them is a 'waste' in my opinion - especially early on
    if you want to you can buy them later when you are more experienced in the game and might also have more crystals to spare

    4) this one is far later into the game but dont forget it
    when you get your 1st S rift dungeon clear (can be on manual) - you get 25 Pure Magic Crystals from from the 'Reach Rank S' mission in 'To the Top' challenge
    use these craft a Crystal Dragon building from the craft building (useful just like the crystal giant )

    *a small note regarding the craft building
    once you can start farming caiross you will start getting symbols that can be used in the craft building to craft runes
    you can craft a specific set of your choice so its quite convenient
    its recommended to craft the 'better' sets (swift/despair/vio/will/rage for example) since they are more likely to be used even later in the game while whats considered weaker sets might not be as useful (and they use the same materials for crafting)
    but of course its up to you

    6) Get your 1st xp farmer:
    you will get a free 4* Lapis from completing the 'The Legacy of Mt. Siz' mission
    you get a very nice set of 6* vampire+revenge runes from completing Mt. Runar on normal difficulty
    give those vampire + revenge runes to lapis

    she can solo Faimon Volcano 1.Path on hell difficulty as a 6* and hard difficulty as a 5*
    she can also clear hell difficulty as a 5* monster but it is not 100% consistent
    so u can take her + 3 monsters that u want to lvl up (food for evolving/monsters to use later)

    she doesnt need any skill ups to farm well

    she should be able to farm most if not all of the scenario stages before Faimon as well (important to when u farm swift/energy runes or skill ups)

    Edit: after a buff to xp gained from scenario (and apparently also worked even before it) its also worth to keep Lapis only at 5* and farm only Faimon Volcano 1.Path on Hard difficulty
    it saves you some material monsters for your 1st 6* which you can use on monsters for your 1st Giants B10 team

    i personally believe you are not losing much from 6*ing her 1st - faster xp farming and will help you farm other things needed for fusion faster (essences/secret dungeons/etc)
    however from a few other guides i encountered (on discord) they say keeping her as 5* and farming only hard difficulty (at least until you already have a few 6*) is more 'efficient'

    7) Farm arena glory points
    set a weak (farming) arena defense

    the idea is that you will always have a low rank and often face weak defenses yourself
    that way you should always win and be able to collect glory points easily

    what to do with those points?
    1) buy your weekly devilmon from glory shop
    devilmons are important for skilling up natural 5* monsters (check the special mention in #4 monsters)

    2) get 'sanctum of energy' and 'mysterious plant' maxed before you start working on other glory buildings
    very important to have those extra energy (especially when starting to use energy refreshes)

    3) get stat boosting glory buildings (this is going to take a while)
    these help a lot to reduce stat requirement for every content in the game

    start with spd -> atk/cd -> hp/def -> elemental atk

    note that you DO NOT HAVE TO max these towers before going on to the next ones
    for example if you reach:
    Sky Totem (which gives spd) to lvl 8 or 9 the next upgrades are going to be very expensive so its probably worthwhile
    to move on to atk/cd buildings before coming back to max spd

    there is also nothing wrong with wanting to finish one tower at a time
    pick whichever approach you prefer

    you will want to have those towers maxed when you wanna play more competitive and make it easier for you to get the stats required for fast teams (teams that can clear caiross/raids/etc very fast)

    8) Join a farming guild and farm guild points
    the idea is very similar to farming arena
    you join a guild where their defenses are very weak - that way your opponents should be weak and you can easily collect guild points easily

    what to do with those points?

    1) get your weekly 5* rainbowmon
    will help a lot when trying to upgrade monsters to 6* since he is already at 5*

    2) Ifrit pieces
    each of the 3 elemental Ifrits is good but water (Theomars) is considered to be the best

    3) there are some 3* fusion food available in the guild shop
    if you rly need them and didnt get them from any summons - you can buy them (otherwise its somehwta of a waste of guild points)

    note that guild flags are not worth investing in early on - they matter more when you try to be more competitive in guild wars/siege

    regarding guild siege and labyrinth
    try to follow what the rest of your guild is doing and try to get as many attacks as you can in both

    9) Your first goal
    get your Giants keep b10 team (usually called gb10)

    Check the "4. Building your 1st auto giants b10 team" guide for more info on the team needed and '2. basic secret dungeon info" for how to get the monsters from secret dungeons needed for the team more efficiently

    you should be able to make an auto gb10 team with just 5* runes from scenario
    there is no need to farm gb7/8/9 to get better runes 1st but its up to you (its easier to aim for a specific slot/rune in scenario while in gb7 u get better quality runes)

    its generally more 'efficient' to farm runes in scenario for your gb10 team than in gb7/8/9
    imo guides that suggests u to farm gb7 r more appropriate for veteran players (that start a new account for example) rather than new players since they already know the game and know what to look for in their runes
    with a gb10 team from scenario runes u get a safe route to a gb10 team
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    10) what about dragons/necro/raids/toa/DH?
    the game opens up for you a lot of areas in the game before you can actually farm them or do well in them in general

    there is nothing wrong with opening up new areas - just dont expect to farm them right away
    when you only just started the game you have nothing to do at almost any of these areas before you can farm gb10

    try to reach as high as you can in toa with the monsters you have but dont build a specific team for it yet
    and if you have dimension hole open - try to use the energy to farm 2nd awakenings on level 1 or 2 (whichever you can)

    11) Do the events
    on the right part of your screen when in main island view you will have a small 'event' icon (with a picture of a gift box)
    and when u complete part of the event and some rewards are available it would look like this there would be a small question mark on it
    looks like this (ignore the background color): Click image for larger version

Name:	event2.PNG
Views:	2176
Size:	4.3 KB
ID:	1879031

    be sure to check which events are ongoing (or about to happen - u can see that in notices) and complete them (even if its a bit hard)
    events usually have good rewards (sometimes very good rewards) as well as ancient coins for the ancient magic shop

    12) Do the daily missions
    there are 12/13 missions each day (depending if its a weekend or not) when the last one opens after you complete the rest of the missions
    if you complete all the missions you can get 25 crystals every day

    2. Basic secret dungeon (sd in short) info

    1) how to access:
    i) most common way:
    players can access their friends open secret dungeons with 1 limitation:
    up to 20 people can enter an open secret dungeon (either 20 friends of the one who opened/found it or 19 friends + the one who opened it)
    so if u see in chat a player that got the sd you need - you can add him/her (or ask him/her to add you - without spamming chat) and gain access to the sd

    ii) less recommended route: get it as a drop from any elemental dungeon

    iii) 2 additional ways: (not recommended for newer players)
    1) craft through craft building (available from a certain lvl)
    2) craft in shop -> 'special' tab

    2) how to farm:
    each sd will be open for 1 hour from the moment it was dropped (its very likely you will have less time to farm once u actually access it)
    the more waves you defeat the more monster pieces you get - the numbers range from 0 to 4 pieces each run
    if a beginner will try to reach as high as possible each run - they are likely to not get enough pieces before the 1 hour ends

    instead it is best to farm up to a certain wave (while its still easy and fast) and quit as the next wave starts
    usually clearing 6 waves (and quitting as 7th wave starts) each time is easy and fast even for beginners and guarantee a 2 pieces drop for each run

    if 6 waves is too easy/hard for you than you should note that:
    clearing 8 waves will guarantee a 3 pieces drop
    clearing 7 waves will drop either 2 or 3 pieces
    clearing 5 waves will drop either 1 or 2 pieces
    clearing 4 waves will guarantee a 1 piece drop

    3. Basic rune info

    1) main stats in each rune slot

    slot 1
    main stat will always be: atk+
    will never have a def+ or def% sub stat

    slot 3
    main stat will always be: def+
    will never have an atk+ or atk% sub stat

    slot 5
    main stat will always be: hp+

    slot 2
    main stat can be 1 of the following : atk+, atk%, hp+, hp%, def+, def%, spd+

    slot 4
    main stat can be 1 of the following : atk+, atk%, hp+, hp%, def+, def%, crit rate, crit dmg

    slot 6
    main stat can be 1 of the following : atk+, atk%, hp+, hp%, def+, def%, resistance, accuracy

    in general atk%, hp%, def% stats are better than atk+, hp+, def+ stats atk+, hp+, def+ can be useful as main stats for slots 4,6 if they have a high spd sub stat (on slot 2 main stat spd will always be better than sub stat spd)

    2) what should i focus on when i farm for runes
    when you start - u will want to focus on the main stats of the runes only

    as you progress (when you start farming gb10 consistently) - you will need to pay more and more attention to sub stats

    you will still want the main stat to be good - but a difference between a good and bad rune can be simply better sub stats or better/worse rolls for the sub stats when upgrading

    a small addition to finish
    usually in guides (here as well) or when asking other players for help regarding rune builds for monsters
    its very common to only say the main stats of slots 2,4,6 (because 1,3,5 have fixed main stats) and the rune sets

    for example:
    'you should rune monster X with swift blade spd,hp,atk'
    meaning: slot 2: spd, slot 4:hp%, slot 6:atk% when you need to use 4 swift runes and 2 blade runes (to complete the sets)

    you will most likely also come across the term 'broken set'
    which simply means u can put any runes - you dont have to complete a set
    for example:
    'you can rune a monster swift broken' or 'you can rune a monster swift anything'
    meaning you should use a swift set and either one other set of your choice or a broken set that gives you the best stats

    note that while completing a set gives a nice bonus usually
    if you get better stats from using a broken set - its probably better to use the broken set

    4. Building your 1st auto Giants B10 (GB10 in short) team

    edit: there are some other teams that are recommended for newer players - some that doesnt require veromos and use fran and loren (or teams that use lulu)
    you can find youtube videos about these teams however they will not be covered here since i do not know what are the required stats for these teams (as far as i know there are no 'hard' requirements and its just 'farm until it works' which might not be the best approach for everyone - especially newer players)

    your 1st team should be:
    1) 6* Veromos (dark Ifrit):
    fusion monster - if you follow the 'Fuse Monsters' challenge you will get some nice rewards that will make it easier to fuse him (fusing him is the last challenge)
    runes: swift broken (any secondary or broken set should work) , spd hp hp
    how to skill up? - can get devilmons from glory shop

    2) 6* Belladeon (light Inugami):
    can get from secret dungeon on Sundays
    runes: swift broken , spd hp hp
    how to skill up? - can get inugami drop from either Faimon Volcano or Garen Forest (if you still need 5* energy runes farm Garen, otherwise you can get more xp in Faimon)

    3) 5* Bernard (wind Griffon):
    can get as a reward from 'Giant's keep Master' challenge 'Conquer 3F'
    runes: swift broken , spd hp hp
    how to skill up? - can get griffon drops from Tamor Desert

    4) 5* Shannon (wind Pixie):
    can get as a reward from 'Giant's keep Master' challenge 'Strategy Info'
    runes: 3 energy sets or swift energy , spd hp hp or hp hp hp
    how to skill up? - can get pixies from unknown scrolls or magic shop

    5) 5* Darion (light Vagabond):
    can get from secret dungeons on Sundays
    runes: 3 energy sets , hp hp hp
    how to skill up? - can get vagabonds from unknown scrolls or magic shop

    be sure to skill up all the monsters in the team
    and get their runes to +12
    this team should be able to farm gb10 (with ~90% success rate) with just normal 5* runes from scenario

    the idea behind the team: (in order to understand rune requirements better and what role each monster has)
    important roles:
    1) removes def break from the team while facing the boss - optimally you want him slightly slower than the defense break tower to remove the debuff right after it was applied
    2) does the main damage using dots (damage over time debuff) to the boss (which is why he needs a small amount of accuracy)
    3) has hp lead which is important for the team's survival
    smaller roles - his aoe stun helps in the waves before the boss

    important roles:
    1) the team's healer
    2) can remove the attack buff from the boss
    3) can apply defense break to the boss
    smaller roles - occasional attack bar boost when heals

    important roles (all her roles):
    1) attack and defense buffs - to improve the teams survivability and damage
    2) can place glancing debuff on the boss - helps reduce damage dealt to your team
    3) aoe slow - helps in both boss stage and in the waves before him

    important roles (all roles)
    1) speed buff and attack bar boost to help the rest of your monsters get more turns - which is why you want him as fast as you can
    2) can apply attack and defense break debuffs on the boss

    important role:
    reduce the damage applied to the rest of the team
    smaller roles:
    can apply attack and defense break debuffs on the boss - even though these debuffs are important its mainly bernard's and Belladeon's job, Darion's passive doesnt protect himself so he needs to sacrifice some speed for more tanky stats in order to survive - which is why he will have less chances than Bernard/Belladeon to apply these debuffs

    once you can farm gb10 u can replace those runes and improve your success rate
    as well as try to spd things up with other monsters (I recommend to replace Darion 1st, for example can replaced with Sigmarus the water Phoenix - a fusion mon)
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      5. A 'short' overview over pve areas and recommended progression route

      after this list there will be a small explanation in which order you should focus on each content

      this list DOES NOT cover ALL possible uses/drops in each area
      it covers the more useful ones and the more 'popular' uses - but you can do as you please

      Giants b10 (gb10) - the 1st place you farm 'real' runes at (since scenario runes wont give you runes with decent subs)

      blade and fatal - very important for nukers
      swift for support ad speed based nukers
      despair for monsters you want to use as aoe stunners (for example in Tower of Ascension or pvp)

      Dragons b10 (db10) - you can farm here some more useful runes - but you wont be able to create a proper team without runes from gb10

      violent can be used instead of swift on many support monsters as well as nukers
      revenge can be helpful in Necropolis/raids/pvp

      Necropolis b10 (nb10 or necro b10) - you will generally want to farm this when you want to play more competitive pvp (conqueror 1 or higher in arena, and the higher ranks of guardian 1 in guild siege/wars and above)
      the easiet way to farm it is with twins (Boomernag warrior and Chakram dancer) so it might be worth to not touch it at all before you get water/fire twins

      vampire - helps to sustain nukers/bruisers, can be used on your damage dealers in raids/rifts and pvp
      rage - very similar to fatal but from a certain point you will be able to do more damage with rage rather than fatal
      will - important for pvp, helps preventing from getting debuffs before getting your 1st turn
      nemesis - mostly pvp as well, can be used in raids for your healers

      Dimensional Rift - opens up when you clear all of the scenario
      you can burn energy very fast here and get nice amounts of mana and xp quickly
      Note - its generally not worth to waste energy to farm xp/mana here
      you get more xp in faimon (for the same amount of energy) and you will easily get more mana from selling runes in caiross

      its more worth to run if u wanna burn energy 1st cause you are pressed for time for example

      World Boss (wb) - opens up when you clear the dimensional rift once
      use as many monsters as u can daily (just need to have them lvl 15)
      if you cant use all 3 atks daily it isnt awful - you will sooner or later have enough to fill 3 atks

      the individual attack rewards r usually bad (regardless of what rank you get) but at the same time there is always a chance to get something good (regardless of rank as well - i have seen players that got a devilmon with a D score)

      and once the wb is defeated (happens once every several days) you get a bunch of crystals according to how much damage you dealt during that time

      you might not get huge amounts of crystals (especially not when you start the game) and not get amazing reward easily but its practically free rewards for minimum effort

      Tower Of Ascension (toa) - very good rewards overall
      most important one is the devilmon in floor 70 and anything above that is a nice bonus (crystals/light&dark scroll/legendary scroll)
      until you start working on your toa team just try to reach as high as you can with whatever monsters you currently have for other things (like gb10 team) - the same applies for both toa normal and hard

      note that toa resets once a month - you can enter toa to see how much time is left until the next reset

      Raids level 5 (r5) - raid level 1 opens up when you fight the wb once - to get to a higher level you need to clear the previous level with at least 30% contribution

      this is where you will farm grinds and enchants to improve the already good runes you farmed in Caiross
      imo there is little to no point to farm r1/2/3
      farming r4 can be worth it but aiming to farm r5 is optimal

      Rift Dungeons (usually called just Rifts) - opens up after clearing raid level 3 once
      this is where you can get rune sets that give bonus stats to the entire team
      but what you will most likely want to farm here is the materials to craft reappraisal stones
      homunculus materials can also be farmed - try to get at least the attack homunculus (the support is a bit niche and more of a toy then very useful atm)

      generally - its best to start farming rifts only when u can score S or higher (thats when you are guaranteed the drop that is required for reappraisal stones)
      if you rly rly want the homunculus before that.... try to a least be able to score A or A+ (you get less materials the lower the score so lower scores means you will have to farm more)

      Dimension Hole (DH) - in the DH you can get 2nd awakenings for some 2*/3* monsters and you can get ancient runes
      there are 3 thing to note about DH:
      1) the DH energy is separate from the regular energy (so you wont waste resources except time while farming in DH) and the DH energy refreshes 1 energy every 2 hours (meaning it will take a lot of time to get more energy) - you can refresh the energy with crystals but only 10 energy for 120 crystals (expensive and can only use this refresh 3 times a week)

      so its important to use the this energy whenever possible - even if you can only farm level 1 and you dont get as good rewards as level 5 - its not worth letting it stay on 100 DH energy
      you might find the Ellunia harder to do since you need to bring 4 monsters of the same element - so it might be better to start with Karzhan
      a few examples that could be useful in Karzhan:
      2a Bella (light inugami) - makes him tankier and easier for him to survive + the improved skills 2/3 helps
      2a Kro (dark inugami) - helps in caiross spd teams, can be a nuker in r5/rifts
      2a Raoq (fire inugami) - can be used in nb10, pvp and a few more places depending on your team

      2) ancient runes have better base sub stat rolls and better grind.gem rolls BUT the upgrade rolls are the same as regular runes (so its very possible to get an ancient rune that might in the end roll worse than a regular rune)

      3) about 2nd awakenings (i'll refer to it as 2A here)
      its generally always worth it (regardless of monster)
      after getting 2A for a monster you will need to farm skill ups for it (again) BUT it wont lose the effects of previous skill ups (like reduce cooldowns)
      so just using them in the 2A form unskilled up is always stronger than the original form when maxed skilled
      BUT without skill ups they will get less contribution in world boss than they did before 2A

      if you are a new player that just opened the DH
      try to farm the 2A and leave the rune bosses be
      you will likely not be able to farm those bosses on level 5 and the runes they drop..... will be very similar to the runes dropped in caiross
      if you farm 2A dungeons - even though you might clear the lower levels
      you will eventually get an improved version of your 2*/3* monsters (which always helps) and you can use the drops you got there to craft ancient reapps and runes (of better quality of what you would get from rune boss level 1/2)

      now that we are done with this 'short' explanation about each area

      in general this is more or less what your progression should look like (you dont have to follow this - but its very recommended)

      GB10 (ToAn70)
      DB10 (ToAn100)
      One S Rank in one Rift Beast
      ToAh100/ R5 /NB10 /Rift beasts

      NOTE THAT THIS IS MOSTLY FOR PVE PROGRESSION - at any point you can start making pvp teams but note that it will probably slow down your pve progression
      also note that your progression route might change depending on what monsters you have
      the more you progress and have a better understanding of the game you will be able to decide on your own what is the best route for you

      6. All of the fusion (monster) materials and where they can be farmed
      this is an image taken from this reddit thread (credits to Zodiac_Storm)

      Click image for larger version  Name:	fusion chart.jpg Views:	1 Size:	749.5 KB ID:	1865061

      SD - secret dungeon
      GS - guild shop
      scenario - can be farmed in a specific scenario
      scroll - as of now there is no way to farm the monster (can only be obtained by summoning or a weekend sd event)

      dont forget that any 2* monster you can also get from unknown scrolls and magic shop

      which fusions should i focus on as a beginner?
      1) veromos - gb10,db10
      2) sigmarus - faster gb10, starter db10, toa
      3) barreta - very useful for toa
      4) verde - good for db10 (and other areas later on )
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        hope this helps (a bit or more )

        thx BigDaddyToe, HornPlay for the feedback so far
        and thx to the guides from discord (a nice good amount of info was taken from guides there .... i suppose some of them originated from reddit)

        and like i wrote at the beginning of the thread
        if you have any questions you are welcome to open a new thread (rather than commenting here)

        if you have any comments/additions to the guides posted here - pls post them here
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        • HornPlay
          HornPlay commented
          Editing a comment
          Nice guide. I read the guide again. Find out that gb10 include veromos. Understand that veromos help to stable the run for most of us old time. But recent buff lulu actually fit the role and provide heal + it's to easier get either from shop or unknown scroll. This help beginner get into the gb10 faster where it save time fusing vero and can proceed to sigmarus directly if need.
          Tips for beginner 2A.
          The suggestion to spend the energy is good, but beginner might confuse who to use on.
          Usually monsters that been ready build is the best choice.
          Bella / shannon. But consider again the monsters box in beginner, its hard to 2A shannon because 3 wind monsters needed exclude shannon. So bella will be best option to start with. But do recommend 2a Shannon which it does help progression in TOA.
          Some fusion monsters that need to focus on.
          Baretta for toa
          Verde for db10
          veromos for gb10 / db10 ( but i feel he been outdated, lulu can replace him)
          Sigmarus for dungeon speed up and toa Freeze cc.

          SD monsters that should farm
          Bella, darion, loren,

        • Kalionys
          Kalionys commented
          Editing a comment
          added the fusions and added the clarification about 2A

          regarding sd - bella and darion r matter of fact since its in the gb10 guide
          and loren - she is good but i dont want them to try and get her instead of bella/darion thinking she is as useful early on

          and about lulu - i heard that as well
          what i dont know is whether lulu can work with scenario runes as well
          she might need better runes (and in general to understand the game better in order to use her properly)
          so i'd rather avoid advice i am uncertain works or even if it works it might be harder for newer players to make it work

        • HornPlay
          HornPlay commented
          Editing a comment
          Noted. Overall it's very good as a starter guide.

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        Truly a great guide, everything beginners should aim for is in this guide !
        Well, there's just one flaw imo : the rune carfting part is absent. It's somthing that gets beginners most of their great runes so i think it has its place here.
        Otherwise everything a beginner might ask is here, you did a really great job guys ! Particularily on the objective part, this is the thing i would have loved to have when i was a beginner !

        Edit ( Answer to the post below ) : For a new player, it's a second way to get runes, more reliable because you chose your own sets and can never give you anything else than runes it's like doing GB10 while knowing that you're going to get a rune and knowing which set you're going to get because you chose it. Gave me most of my great runes because of that. For me, a new GB10 player should go violent as much as possible, it's not rare to see a new player with very good violent runes that can't even do DB9 because of this. If the new player don't have enough for violent, then he should go swift and come back to violent when he'll have enough.

        Yep, and i agree with you, i just think that it would deserve a sentence just to notify the player about it like :
        "If you can farm GB10, you'll sometimes come across symbols, be it harmony, chaos or transcendence. The only prupose of these symbols is to craft runes while choosing which sets are going to drop. The best set for beginners is swift. going for a violent set might be a viable option if you want to spend your transcendence symbols "

        Well, it's much more than a sentence, sorry about that ^^'
        The reason for which swift is the better option in my opinion is because you'll use it on your bella, bernard, shannon, and even vero if the violent runes given by the missions rolled insanely bad, so you want to get the best builds possible as fast as possible, and for me, this is the easiest and quickest way to do it. Plus, you'll have a lot of good runes that are just waiting for you to use them, so you won't have any problem runing your future monsters very quickly.
        I got these habits from Jewbagel, ShreddedPuzzle and SampleText if you want to look deeper into it.
        Also, rune crafting is only 15k mana now, so it almost costs nothing since you'll sell most of the runes so 1 rune craft usually costs 3000 mana, and 15000 if you get a great rune. Actually pretty cheap compared to a GB10 run
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          im afraid i wasnt a new player before crafting was introduced
          how exactly would you describe it for a new player? (edit and how would u suggest a new player to use it from your experience?)

          also while i tried to overview several areas of the game i tried to give more detailed instructions only up to the point where you can start farming gb10 (which is when you will start getting craft materials)
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          added a small note about the craft building and symbols in '5) which buildings you should buy for your island'

        • Owe
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          Thank you !

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        nice guide - if only I had this during newbie time...just a check on XP building...I had all 4...can advise the reason why Crystal lake and gutsy Hill not worthed it?


        • Kalionys
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          in general any xp building isnt rly worth it (imo)
          if you want to level something up use a booster and level it up or use reps (or both)

          xp building levels up monsters very slowly - u can build fodder with it..... but it takes ages (and it doesnt help that it wont level them up automatically)

          so wasting mana on one is ok
          but using crystals on it? if you are an experienced player and want to buy them for w/e reason - do as u wish
          but as a beginner there is little point in using crystals to buy them imo