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Please add a rune package in Ring of Heroes.

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  • Please add a rune package in Ring of Heroes.

    I have been a fan of skylanders for a long time and I love this game. If there had to be one flaw in this game that could be fix it is the Rune rate drop in both beast and wailing labyrinth dungeons. I find it annoying to grind b9 every single time to get the runes that i want/need for my skylanders only to meet with mixed or bad results. I am both a free 2 play player and a pay to win player at the same time. I would pay with real money for a legendary 6 star rune package like in summoners war and try my luck to see what runes can i get in Ring of Heroes from the package. You could also set a limit on how many Rune packages we can buy like 3 times per month like in summoners war. This could help players prepare for Real time arena and help with reaching top 1 in other arena modes. I know you are trying to make this game last longer and I want it to last long too. And the last thing I want is for you guys to make a bad choice that could ruin ring of heroes forever. It's just that I don't see the problem in adding rune packs like the ones in summoners war and adding pop up runes in the game as well. And on another related note the rune shop adding runes is what I hoped except there two problems. 1st: Not letting us see the runes stats like in summoners war like we want to and increasing gems when resetting the magic shop. Please allow us the players to view the rune stats of each rune we come across in the magic shop so that we don't waste are gems and our gold for nothing. Adding a rune package system like in summoners is not a bad idea in my opinion, to me it gives players another choice and another way to accomplish goals in the game. Please consider what i say in this post and add a rune package purchase item in the next update okay? Thank you and have a good day.