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  • Complaints, a rant

    Now I know everyone has their own complaints and in a perfect world we'd all get what we want. However, there are a few issues that need immediate attention or this game is going to continue to be uninstalled.

    First, and probably one of the biggest. AI. There just isn't any. Now, I understand that there may be a ton of coding required to tailor units to get even close to manual, but I'm talking to smallest of things. First, you enter a fight - spitfire/pit boss/whoever immediately starts their charge skill.....and waits 30 seconds into the fight to actually USE the charge skill. This can't be a hard fix....a simple condition line of code - If charge is ready, use it asap. This goes with skill "slots" too. If a skill is slotted first (since we can change what slots), it should be given priority. Again, simple - if skill 1 is up, use it. If not, try 2. It's the most awful with Gulper. He's a giant blue garbage bag and usually that's all he is - garbage. It cannot be hard to add a line of code that checks if focus aggro is up, and if it isn't, he should queue his skill. If it isn't, he can watch. It's infuriating to wipe in b10 because Gulper is just watching his team die. It's literally all he does is absorb damage. He doesn't do any damage, he doesn't heal or debuff, he's just there to take a few hits. It needs fixed like tonight, really.

    Second/Third - Because of this frustration, trying to progress doesn't even feel worth it. I can manual to try to improve, but I'll get all green 5* runes or a slot 6 strike effect resist 6* rune that's grey. There's just no payoff or motivation to put in the extra time. The auto feature is amazing, but if the AI is so horrible and the payoff isn't worth it, what's really setting this game apart from any other?

    Fourth - GOLD. Oh my gosh guys, fix the gold. Everything takes gold, which is completely fine, but the amount we get for how much things cost is completely broken. You can spend all day farming in a scenario (which doesn't really help progression at a certain point, only runes will) and be lucky to be able to +12 a rune or power up/evolve a single monster a single time. Want to power up a rune? Good luck, you might get one a day to +12 or with great luck +15. It's a decent help to sell runes in the magic shop, but they're 300-400k which if you forgot, is 400 runs in a hard scenario. Then add the cost to power up that rune and you're talking 700-800 runs.

    Fifth - Stop nerfing units. I get you're looking towards PVP/Guild Wars with things like Hex. But considering how much time farming it takes to max these units, plus the hard to get (without cash) skill stones, you are going to drive away your customers faster than you can blink. You have a unique model where every single unit is obtainable. Hex is too OP? Look at an underused unit (You've already shown us stats showing you pay attention to that) and make a direct counter to things.

    Sixth - Make summoning worth it. For example, I have 418 boomer soul stones, and he's 6* +5. Let us trade them in for omni stones, skill ups, or something. I have no desire to ever summon, meaning there's no real desire to buy packs. You do like money, don't you?

    Finally, start reaching out to your players to ask them for suggestions, directly. Don't wait for content creators. Not in a hard to navigate survey event, but get your dev team to talk to some of your players. We have some great ideas and are passionate. Some of us who have been around in other games even understand the balance so you'll get more than "Give us all the free nat 5s now!". I would be ecstatic to help mold the future of this game given the chance.

    People are unhappy and are leaving the game faster than new players are being added.