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my account was stolen

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  • my account was stolen

    I am just at a loss for words and not sure what I should do or even were to turn at this point. I personally hate going to the forums things however I know they are monitored by GM’s and it is my hope that I can get someone else to look at my case. I want to apologize for my grammar and writing skills I am dyslexic.
    On 2019/06/12 roughly 20:00 CST I was helping a guild member out on finishing his first TOAH, when I logged out to take a break and watch a show. About an hour later I went back to my phone to play some more but was at the login screen asking for my username and password. When I entered my information, I was informed that I had the wrong username/password. So, I clicked on lost password I put in my HIVE: username and it asked me to verify an e-mail address that wasn’t mine. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so I logged into the email address I set the account up with to find an e-mail from that they have changed my account e-mail address to one that ends in “.ru” This happened just 12 hours before the major patch release.
    I quickly sent in a support ticket with a screen shot of the e-mail saying that my account has been hacked and I have not authorized this. The next day I received a reply from support notifying me my Hive ID was linked to that Russian e-mail address and requested 13 things before my account could be returned to me. I followed the instructions that was proved via the e-mail. When I went to reply the GM I noticed that he had only sent me a do not reply e-mail “ “ I was a bit frustrated that I had to go back to the customer support page to open anther ticket for my issue. I put all the information in a word document and another 24 hours later I received another e-mail saying that I had not provided the correct information. At least I am assuming that was the case because I have ever received was just copy and past statements saying almost the same. So, I went back reread the information that was requested to find out the instructions were incorrect and the information that was needed would be found from a completely. I tracked down each of the GPA#, date of purchase and purchase details and turned in 30 or so. 72 hours later I get a reply saying I am missing certain ones and asking about the devices I used during certain periods. At this point I have already explained to the GM I wasn’t 100% on the devices I had from 3 years and I’ve requested numerous times for a proper way to reply not opening up another support ticket every 24 hour. I gathered the missing GPA# that I missed (keep in mind this is over a year of purchases and hundreds of dollars into this game) and I informed the GM I no longer had access to the devices and wasn’t sure on some of them because I used NOX emulator and the phone changes on it constantly. Today I have received another e-mail accessing to the same things. If I could provide the device models and in question. I keep providing the information about the last 5 devices that has had access to my account and I feel this is not going anywhere.
    My issues with this are the lack of care or sympathy towards my situation. Every time I would get another copy and paste statement it would just enrage me even more. Honestly at this point I feel that the GM is just playing with me and I will never get my account back. Currently I am having a lot of mixed feelings if I want my account back or not. I have plans to try and get Tiana with my stones saved up and If I hurried and finished up TOAN and TOAH I could possible have 2,000 stones and if needed I could purchase more stones to try and get her. I had my perfect rune from the event ready I just wanted to see if I could reroll on of the mids stats to having them all high. So when I get my account back I’m sure I won’t be compensated for all the time lost or events missed out on. I am tired of going back and forward with the GM on my account.

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    Hey there
    sry to hear u found youreslf in that situation :/

    Here is what i know (it might not be what u hope to hear though)

    1) forum admins cant access account info - only support team can do this
    the admins 'power' is very limited in that regard
    so u can only get help with this issue through support team

    2) using emulators is against the game's ToS
    it falls under using 3rd party programs while playing the game
    u r meant to play the game on mobile devices
    playing on emulators comes with a certain risk and com2us arent held responsible for it (less related to hacked cases - usually ppl get banned because of rooted emulators that mess with the game files)

    In your case if the NOX emulator is preveting u from proving u own the account/didnt share it
    then com2us probably wont help u get it back (from their point of view u r either not the original owner or shared your account info on your own which could result in a 'hacked' cases)

    I imagine the emulator probably has nothing to do with u being hacked (though i cant say for sure) but its definitely not helping when u r trying to get it back

    3) The only thing u can do is try somehow find out some of the missing DID u dont have...... from what i know - some ppl got their accounts back even without showing all of the DID they ever used
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      Well, at least you got a response. I have the same situation. My account password was changed about an hour after I logged off on July 1 (4 days ago). I submitted a ticket, with all relevant information, including the password change email that was sent to my registered email address. My thief also used a .ru email address and an IP address from China. At this point, I still haven't heard anything from customer service.
      Very frustrated at this point.


      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
        Editing a comment
        1) it can take support team 3-5 business days to reply
        2) try checking your spam folder - its possible that their reply will end up there (or maybe its already there)