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  • [NOTICE] Guild War Guide

    Greetings Portal Masters!

    We would like to inform you of Guild War which has been added through the latest update.

    1. Basic Information

    (You can check out Guild War at ‘Guild’ menu.)

    Claim medals from an opponent Guild while defending your own Guild to become victorious. The Guild with the highest medal score wins the war. 4 Skylanders constitutes 1 team to fight, and Companion Villains cannot participate in a battle.

    There are 3 types of rewards in Guild War: individual, Guild and seasonal rewards.

    Seasonal rewards are given based on the score of a season. A season lasts 1 week (from Mon. to Sun., server time). Excluding the times spent to tally up the scores (Sun. 3:00pm- Mon. 2:59pm), you can participate in Guild War every day.

    Individual and Guild rewards are daily rewards - Guild points and Wish Stones are given as rewards. Seasonal rewards are Gems and they're given based on the rankings determined by the score.

    2. How to participate

    To participate in Guild War, meet the 2 conditions below.

    1) 10 or more Guild members, each with a defense team set up.

    2) One of any Guild members applies for participation during the application period.

    3. Schedule

    Guild War will be held every day during the below time (server time).

    1) Application time: 3:00pm – 5:50pm

    2) Guild War time: 6:00pm – 2:29pm on the next day

    3) Tallying time: Sun. 3:00pm – Mon. 2:59pm

    4. Progression

    (Base position)

    Check out the defense placement of the opponent Guild’s members and fight a member of your choice.

    Participate in up to 3 battles each day. You will earn medals from the opponent based on the result of battle as below.

    1) If you win with all Skylanders, earn 3 medals.

    2) If you win with 1 defeated Skylander, earn 2 medals.

    3) If you win with 2 defeated Skylanders, earn 1 medal.

    If the opponent defense team has no more medal to take from, then that team is out of the battle (you cannot engage that team anymore).

    The victory or loss of a war is determined based on the total of earned/defended medals and bonus score.

    5. Special rules

    1) Special buff for Skylanders

    (Skylanders who will get buffs in this season)

    Some Skylanders will enjoy the privilege of getting buffs during the season.

    Buffs will grant stat boost for those selected Skylanders. Buffs affect both attacking team and defending team.

    2) Special members

    In a defense team, there are 6 special members. Other members are general members.

    (When you win against a special member of an opponent Guild, the icon on the top-left will turn into a role icon, so you can check the defeated member’s role.)

    There are 4 roles for special members: Supply, Intel, Commando and Guardian.

    3 Portal Masters with the highest level in the Guild will each take on the role of either Supply, Commando, or Guardian.

    Afterwards, Intel, Commando, Guardian roles will be randomly given to the remaining members randomly.

    Defeat a special member of an opponent defense team to get special buffs and additional medals.

    (You can earn up to 3 additional medals, when you defeat a special member.)


    When you earn 1 medal from a battle against a special member > 1 additional medal

    When you earn 2 medals from a battle against a special member > 2 additional medals

    When you earn 3 medals from a battle against a special member > 3 additional medals

    [No. of special members & buff of defeating them]

    Intel (1): when you defeat an Intel, information of all opponent roles will be revealed.

    Supply (1): when you defeat a Supply role, a buff that increases HP is given to your Guild’s attack/defense teams.

    Commandos (2): when you defeat a Commando, a buff that increases DEF is given to your Guild’s attack/defense teams.

    Guardians (2): when you defeat a Guardian, a buff that increases ATK is given to your Guild’s attack/defense teams.

    6. Please read

    - The defense team will be revised whenever you enter Guild War. Otherwise, the previous defense team will be registered.

    - If you change the settings of your defense team after entering Guild War, the changes will not be applied to the current war.

    - If you change the defense team during Guild War, the change will be applied to the next day’s war.

    - The defense team of a Guild member who leaves or gets kicked out of the Guild after entering the war will be maintained in battlefield on the day of departure and will not appear starting from the next day.

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    Hey can you please tell us which talents guild wars use? Is it duals, or will it be a seperate bucket completely and not yet released?


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      Wishstones as a reward? Seriously... Just keep em, they aren't even worth my time to click the claim button. Get out of here with that garbage