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Rose garden event seed not adding

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  • Rose garden event seed not adding

    I did't realise this at first, but i when i double checked, it seems that the Rose garden seeds, acquired but finished 10 instances of Adventure Mode, Uknown Land or Mysterious Sanctuary are not adding up correctly with the seed i have.
    Sometimes they add up randomly, sometimes they don't, sometimes the clear counter on the game event page add up, sometimes it does't.

    It is annoying because i farmed a lot because of this event to win the guaranteed 5* and i don't think i'll reach it before the end of the event with my current score and this bug.

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    We can get maximum 10 seed per day. May be you count after finish 10 times?
    This game require too much time auto to finish the event.
    I couldn't finish some recent event.