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Vamp Gift Not Showing Up

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  • Vamp Gift Not Showing Up

    hi, i play on the server of global, and i can't seem to get the vampire gift. A person sent one to me, and of course, i said thank you. But when i refreshed my inbox, and restarted my game, it still hasn't shown up. I asked other people to send one to me, and they all say the same "It says you've already received a gift" Which i did, but technically did not. So.. What do i do? I was hoping to be able to contact com2us directly but it seems like this relay is the only way to get to them. it's been a week and a half so far, or so it feels.

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    have you searched your entire inbox? maybe the items have a 99day expiration date so they only appear at the end?

    if u still cant find them u can contact com2us support team in hive site or through in game 'inquiry 1:1'