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[All You Want to Know] About Ambush of the World Boss

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  • [All You Want to Know] About Ambush of the World Boss

    Greetings from the Chain Strike Team!

    Today, we'd like to give you more details about the new Ambush of the World Boss content that many of you have been wondering about!

    Let's dive right into it!

    Q) Do the World Bosses really attack at any time, day and night?

    A) Before we answer that question, we should first share the reason why we decided to design such content.

    We wanted to break away from the current trend of repeating battles and let you experience something more fun and unpredictable.

    On that note, we ended up developing this "Ambush of the World Boss" and these bosses really do appear at any time they want!

    However, we tried to set the attack cycle as short as possible and set the boss' HP in proportion to the number of players in each server in an attempt to minimize the burden of entering the battle.

    We will continue to monitor the game after the update so that we can adjust the cycle and HP of the bosses and minimize the burden on you.

    Q) I think the rewards are a bit too good. Wouldn't this be a problem?

    A) To give you a brief explanation about the rewards first, there are 3 different types of rewards: Participation Rewards, Defeat Rewards and Special Rewards.

    - Participation Reward: It's a reward given to players whenever they enter the World Boss battle. Players can get either Shoes or Gold and they can also get Moria with a low chance.

    - Defeat Reward: It's a reward given to all players who participated in the battle where the World Boss is defeated. There are 3 different types of Defeat Rewards: Golden Box, Silver Box, and Bronze Box. Players who enter the battle more frequently and accumulate more damage to the boss are more likely to earn better rewards. If they're lucky, they might also get a very rare Book of Dimension with a low chance. We tried to stay focused on compensating the act of collaboration and participation rather than the ranking competition in this case.

    (* For the "Awakened Star Equipment", which can only be acquired from the Golden Box, the main stats of the equipment will be higher than those of the current 6★ equipment and the main stats will also be fixed to percentage (%) stats. However, the set effects will be applied in the same way as the existing 6★ equipment and the sub-stat type and value will be applied randomly.)

    - Special Reward: It's a special reward given exclusively to the player who inflicted a final blow to the World Boss in real-time. We've added this reward to motivate players to enter the battle and prevent excessive competition by keeping the amount of the reward relatively small. Depending on the difficulty of the World Boss (Low/Mid/High), players will get 100/150/200 Moonstones each as a special reward.

    The Ambush of the World Boss is the first live collaborative content to be introduced in our game, and we are confident that it will give you an experience different from the current gameplay.

    Please enjoy the new content and let us hear your thoughts so we can keep on improving it!

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    Some more question:
    1) When will Ambush boss appear?
    2) What is the condition to get Golden Box, Silver Box and Bronze one?