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Deja vú’s AI problem and more

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  • Deja vú’s AI problem and more

    It appears there is a problem with deja vú and her ai in auto battle, simply put, she doesn’t attack. When the other two Skylanders has k.o.ed and only she is left, she doesn’t use her “space time shot” ability, she just stands there and takes damage.

    regarding her “time shift” ability, maybe change it so a Skylander that already has it, can’t get it again. Many times it has regifted it to someone at the last turn of the “hourglass effect” and led to many k.os.

    “And more” segment

    Dive-clops’s “sonar” and sprinkle geyser” ability pictures are mixed up.

    for the “collector”s, please change so that when emptying them, it resets the storage and not the timer. Especially important for “magic collector”.

    one of the “power-up” missions, the “power of power-up I (3)” isn’t possible. It requires six 1⭐️ Skylanders, but there is only four of them in the game.

    maybe consider a “awaken” villain option, just food for thought

    the pop fizz dice event feels a little to good “RNG” dependent and not guaranteed to get achieving highest price if you do everything.
    more events like the portalmaster event, eon event, bingo event and Easter event please

    Then there is the “soul stones”, I have a 6⭐️ Awakened “Rattle Shake”, but I still got 1294 of his “soul stones” that can’t be used for anything.
    so I have a suggestion, how about a system that turns “soul stones” into “Omni soul”s, kinda like the “ores”/“elixir” system.
    “Villain soul stones” can also turn to “Omni soul”s but dose not work in reverse. T.ex I have 3083 “Eye Five” “villain soul stone”s and I don’t even want them or need that many.

    love the game, the many events and community interactions. Keep up the great work! ❤️