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  • Extreme Dungeon Changes

    Chaos Dungeon Level Cap:
    It is 8 days into the new month and myself and several guild members have already hit level 15 in the chaos dungeons. This means that the dungeon level cap is simply too low. Something around level 20 should be good and at least keep us going til the end of the month as once that cap is hit, the excitement drops out of that section of the game.

    Tokens For Extreme Dungeons:
    Where are the re-entry tokens for the extreme dungeons? The weekly missions provides a standard dungeon re-entry but how come you haven’t provided the ED versions? Either through rewards, or through purchase via the packs like skill stones.

    Nat 5’s In Extreme Dungeons:
    Like many people, I feel that the amount of Nat 5 units you get from the ED’s is simply too high and is hurting the overall gameplay. Reducing the maximum number down from 15 to 10 total soul stones will alleviate this significantly. It will also please the ‘whales’ when you release re-entry tokens for ED’s as it will provide them the means to farm more.

    More Villains:
    The standard dungeons and the new villains have been pretty much completely farmed and maxed out. I think some new ones should be added in there to help keep things new.