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Talents And What They Do

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  • Talents And What They Do

    We should be able to see the effects of talents on our units. If we click on a unit in the adventure stage, the stats of the unit shown should include those talent points we have invested into adventure. In arena, it should show those we invested into duals. When we are on our normal skylander screen from the main menu, it would not include those points. This way there is more clarity around what is happening with them since right now it is simply “hoping” they actually do something.

    While I know the guild wars haven’t been released yet, I was just hoping you could provide an extra piece of information and let us know what bucket guild wars will fall into in terms of talents. Will they be in adventure or duals or will they have their own new talent bucket entirely. Right now the talent section isn’t completely helpful as it also doesn’t explain where guild invasions fall in either. So when guild wars release, also have the developers improve the help text and describe exactly what is included better.