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Feedback on the newest patch and the current game state

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  • Feedback on the newest patch and the current game state

    Okey so we back at it again, Let's take a look at my opinions on the game in its current state and the new patch.

    Let's take a look at the patch first:
    - Invasion changes: It was kind of a surprise, i did not see this change coming to the invasion at all. But overall it's okay-ish, it's a bit early with the current progression players have in the game but it could be a fun thing to “grow into” its gonna take time but we will get there in the end.
    There are some smaller issues with it, With the limited Disrupts in the game and having to use 3 disruptors on some bosses our current pool and selection of different disruptor units is a bit lacking especially when it comes too different elements.
    Let's take Dark Golden Queen as the prime example with it being earth element and the majority being Water/Tech based and only Cynder with a elemental advantage.
    There is also the issue with the player base already not being as engaged or happy about the invasion overall. I'm not only talking about the change to 3 invasion tries a day, but even before that most players didn't want to put in any kind of work in the invasion.
    I think this is due to there isn't a big incentive to do well in invasion.
    The rewards for 2 and 3 is generally considered worse than 4 and below due to the pink ticket vs green ticket, the green ticket is considered better than the pink in value.
    And the lower spots is rewarding enough that most don't se a reason to expend time or effort on invasion. Yes taking away rewards from the lower spots may not be popular but maybe sprinkle some better rewards leading up too and even at the top spots, giving some more incentive to get some new units that's more focused on invasion bosses.
    The difference between 100th and 4th is 1 and 2 White tickets and i dont think thats a difference at all that will make anyone care if they are placed 100th or 4th.
    TLDR about this subject: Better rewards for placing closer to the top, Don't take away from the bottom but give more towards the top, and 2nd and 3rd rewards is in a weird spot Green>pink tickets.

    Onto the Unit changes:

    - Ro-Bow: Abysmal change to a skill that's generally not his main kit, kinda meh

    - Trigger Happy: I have no info on anyone using this unit yet but the changes seems reasonable and needed for him to utilize his kit.
    - Chopper: I haven't tried this unit myself but i don't seem him being a overly strong unit so the dmg nerf might not be warranted.
    - Pop Fizz: The mystery changes and so on seems a bit weird and i'm not sure they are working correctly, that being said some okey looking changes. Pop Fizz’s unique skill set is something that's gonna take a long time to figure out how and where to utilize so i'm looking forward to that in the future.
    - Spyro: This was kind of confusing to me, i don't want my tanks to use up all my mana but the higher uptime is interesting so this could be a good tradeoff. Not gonna say its bad but we need to find a good use for the “new” spyro.
    - Pit Boss: The big winner this time, some really strong changes to this unit and has seen a lot of use since the patch dropped. Got a good change a lot of utility and he don't look to be overtuned either so it looks like Pit Boss is in a really good spot now. Thumbs up
    - Rattle Shake: Yes he got some good looking changes but his shield passive still seems a bit out of place, would have liked to see it synergize with poison rather than hits taken.
    The poison change might make him useable in some places, but being a 2 star unit he ain't that strong to begin with.
    - Krypt King: Yes i can see the diminish 1 mana 10 sec cooldown being too strong but i don't think that making it a 18 sec cooldown was the way to go, seeing Hex being such a strong unit kinda points me more towards the Diminish part of it. the double buff of diminish put this ability out of balance i think a several step balance would have been better for Krypt King, like 15 sec cd 2 mana with 2 turn diminish with skillups for a 3rd turn would have been a better change. But yeah he needed a balance with the new diminish and should still se some good use.
    - Stealth elf: ofc getting balance around the new poison is fine.

    Changes to mystery and poison
    Mystery: Kind of surprised about this change, i have heard some say that it might not work as intended just yet and i still need more info before i know more about how this change works.
    Poison: This i'm pretty sure is not fully working as intended Spadebro another player in the community has been using Stinkbomb both before and after the patch and the dmg numbers don't add up between the Max Hp cap and the 20% of Atk cap. So i'm hoping this will be looked at and fixed. I'm sure Spadebro has made a note of it, but i'll refer to it here too.
    Other than that the poison change should be better than the old one and hopefully it will make it more used and viable, as a extra dmg source on the intended units.

    The changes too arena also seems to be getting along and we are seeing a healthy competition in arena again as well as gaining ranks above platinum.
    A bit slow on the changes but i guess it was some okey compensations, but yeah it's over now and we can use the system in a good way again and Arena Defense is fun to toy with.

    That's all for the Patch now let's take a look at the hot topics in the community.
    So theres a few topics to cover here: Gold and skill ups mainly.

    Skillups: Yes this is a widely talked about and with some different views.
    I think the amount of stones we got now is a bit too low, but as its a premium resources im gonna ask for slight changes/increase rather than say we need TONS more.
    I would like to see 2 more greens in the Mirage tower, currently we get the same amount of purples as greens in the tower and it seems weird to me. Following up with the second difficulty and more tower lvls we should see a healthy increase in our monthly gain. Maybe even some more from other content too.
    But i think 2 more greens so it's not the same as purples would be a good and welcome change too start with.
    So yeah this has been talked up and down but i honestly think it's gonna even out over time and with more content that gives these resources. And again to balance the green once from the mirage tower.

    Now to the gold:
    Yes i know some folks say that gold is totally out of control and it needs a gigantic buff, well i'm going to provide some other that a complaint about it being totally out of shape.
    I don't think gold is in a perfect spot i do think it needs some adjustments but i don't want it to become a non-factor i want it to be a smart choice on what you use it on and rewarding when you use it for something you want. And i don't want it to be a gigantic change that will completely change the game.
    Some good options to start with would, that i would suggest is things like:
    1. Increase sell price on runes based on rarity. This is a big one for me i think this would be the beginning of the change and something that could be done easily without any chance of breaking the game in any way.
    2. More gold from dailies, standard dungeons as well as weekly and monthly rewards.
      So giving us a bigger influx of gold on a regular basis would provide the same gold to both newer and old players. Like more gold from the daily/weekly missions, More gold from entries to your Chaos dungeons, yes this is a small thing but increasing the gold gained especially from Extreme Dungeons would give more reason to share it with as many as possible. The 2k-10k increasing it to 10k-50k would be a nice thing, it's no major but im looking at smaller changes that would give a over time good result.
    3. More gold in daily events, let's say we had some kind of event that would give us 30k a day for doing X runs in Y content amongst other things. ppl have been asking for this and i think it would be a great thing, yes it would be one more thing to do each day but if it's do 50 runs in Adventure it would help on the idea that you “need” to do your guaranteed shards each day and give you a nice bonus. Yes i like the bonus gold from the Bonus times. But the community has been asking for more events with a daily objective and i think it would help with the gold gain of everyone.

    These are just 3 of my most desirable options in how to increase gold gain and balance it out more over a longer timer and still keep gold as a valuable resource.

    And lastly some know bugs and issues that ive experience and heard of from the community:
    - The big new thing is the “no name” players in the arena, yes i know this has been said several times but i would still like to put it in here to get fixed ASAP.
    - If Ninjini kills the boss with the bonus hit on her skill 2 Wish Blades and it triggers the revenge part in the Beast’s Labyrinth . It kind of bugs out, the first part of it triggers the revenge, potentially kills all your remaining units THEN the bonus part of ninjinis Wish Blades activates and kills it from “beyond the grave” and it counts as a loss. This looks weird and i don't think this is the way that its intended to work.
    - There's a lot of animations that bugs out when hitting Ember, i think this is due to the dmg they take from the reflect dmg part from her skill 2 Lava Impact. I see this especially when a unit dies from the damage. The animation doesn't happen and the unit just dies.
    - Some skills expending buff “uses” when they shouldn't. This seems to be an issue with the Lightning Rod leader skill The “Direct Current” If you gain a buff like the crit rate up from Lightning Rod’s Skill 1 also called Lightning Rod or the Drain from Cynder’s skill 2 Shadow Attack. These buffs is applied when the skill is used then expended if the “Direct Current” Procs, making those buffs less useful for that unit.

    Thats all folks! Yes its long so thank you whomever read this too the end you have my thanks! ^^