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Please revert Invasion to once a day

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  • Please revert Invasion to once a day

    Hello there,

    I think doing invasions 3 times a day is a little much. It was fine the way it was before, but to remain competitive we need multiple teams runed and ready. Because lets face it, your gold system is flawed which makes swapping runes expensive for 3 teams.
    I can kind of see why you did it, because of the existence of the stall team which can run until timeout, but to me that just sounds like laziness because you don't want to change the team that can cause this issue.

    I don't think i am the only player thinking this, and in a way sucks some of the 'fun' out of the game. IMO make it once a day, with NO resets, let skill/rng play its course. That is fun, not resetting all day, three times a day with a 'feature'.