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  • Skill stone issue quotes and concerns

    ** just wish to voice some of the opinions directly from users in discord regarding skill stones and possible way to implement some sort of change to obtaining them. Whilst these are only opinions the objective is to initiate an idea for com2us to materialise in regards to end-user feedback for the benefit and enjoyment of the majority **

    .: QUOTES START : .

    zemerdon 03/06/2019
    @PuffyHuff would be nice to move around our skill stones for a gold fee like runes. we work hard enough for them and some levels require different compositions, but with the scarcity of the item its fairly ridiculous that were being limited in this way.

    Cam 03/13/2019
    1 green skill stone available in arena shop per week ( for a high price if need be)

    Portal Master Ben 04/05/2019
    Or there could be a Skill Stone dungeon, or a place to get Skill Stones in the Distorted Dimensions

    Tewi "King of Rifters" Inaba 04/20/2019
    i have a possible solution to skill ups without ruining rarity of stones. possible make skilling up require soul stones. green requiring stones equal to summon the skylander, purple requiring double the base summon amount and red requiring triple the amount. :rooSip:
    but at the same time keep stones as is

    Asta 04/22/2019
    @kibaaaa skill stones are a major issue atm and that's why so much poeple are complaining about it. As it is now, for 4 skills that I want to level for my b10 team, I need 12 small stones, 8 medium stones and 12 large stones. With monthly rewards and mirage tower combine, you get 5 green , 3 mid and 2 large per month. If I don't spend a dime, those skills will be ready in 4 months or so for 4 skills on 2 hero
    It's not a major issue, it's a catastrophic issue, I dont even have a nat 1 or 2 skill maxed out because I need to keep those stones for nat 4 and 5 and we have no way to get back the stones we wrongly used

    Tasha 04/22/2019
    I'm confused... No one is saying that we need unlimited skill stones, just that we need a slight buff. The game would still have plenty of longevity, but players would be able to have more viable teams instead of the same cookie cutter units. Also remember - com2us will be adding many more monsters to this game, so the skill up shortage will only get worse

    zemerdon 04/25/2019
    @PuffyHuff suggestion: insight into the skillups and over stocking of shards. offer possible absorbtion of that particular toons shards to convert into the desired skillup selected. e. g if on kabooms skill screen it could offer 1 skillstone or 100 kaboom shards then naturally increase with level.

    AmandaPanda 04/30/2019
    I'm sure it's probably been mentioned many times but skill ups should be refundable at a cost.(not real money) or make skill up stones a purchase from arena or guild shop. Or maybe a future boss update shop. Too many skylanders and vills to only have a very select amount of skill ups a month and many of us are worried to skill anything up because they are so limited.. many of the skylanders and vills will have much better use with skill ups but nobody is willing to take that chance. Hope they have something coming out soon so that it doesn't make a skill stone only a p2w dream. Keep up the great work and please don't nerf any of my skylanders

    kibaaaa 05/04/2019
    we need confirmation buttons for certain functions, such as selling omnis, selling 6* runes, skilling up units, powering up units, converting omnis to soul stones

    nstutz 05/16/2019
    A suggestion for skill ups. The elemental dungeons to get power up resources right now seem pretty pointless and difficult. Putting a first time clear for the 9th and 10th floor of 1 green skill up could push for people to try to beat that content and wouldn't take very much work.

    Nuke 05/16/2019
    @nstutz 8 extra greens are a drop in the bucket, that's 1 skill on a nat 2.
    What we need is a weekly lockout skill stone dungeon we should be able to get like 3 greens 2 purples and 1 red a week, even with that nobody would be able to max everything for over a year, and that's presuming that no new skylanders are added to the roster.

    Nuke 05/23/2019
    It should be...

    6* 70+5 hero -> use 100 hero pieces, 50,000 gold and 1 large elemental ore for a skill up on the hero (assigned randomly)

    If all skills are maxed then a "convert to omni stones" button appears which allows for 2:1 conversion to role omnis of that rarity and subtype.

    So if you have Barbella, maxed skills, and 500 extra pieces, you can get 250 Purple Defense omnis (the conversion rate isn't great obviously but at this point there is literally no point in having more pieces

    .: QUOTES END : .
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    Honestly, the best solution that addresses a few aspects is to let player use soul gems for skill ups. It's pretty irritating, especially as someone who came from summoner's war, to have the exact same skill up requirements for a 1* and 5*. Plus, there is no use whatsoever for any pieces after you've maxed out a skylander. Even this early into the game, most of us have a 6*, +5 awakened kaboom, boomer, wham, etc. Those early "core" mons. There's no incentive to farm them, and getting them, especially with lightning, from summons is a drag. So far, this game has been pretty f2p friendly and letting players grind out for skill ups would go a long way. Let us save our very limited skill stones for our non farmable units, or make them sellable and worth even getting.