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  • [UPDATE] May 22nd

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    Greetings, Portal Masters!

    We would like to announce V1.0.10 Update information.

    Please read below for more details on the update.​

    [Server Maintenance Schedule]
    May 22nd 10:00pm- May 23rd​ 2:00am (PST)

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

    [V1.0.10 Update detail]

    1. New Episode Dungeon featuring Drobot!
    - A new dungeon with Drobot’s episode will be added.
    - The dungeon schedule will be as below.
    > Duration: From May 23rd update to Jun. 6th 00:00
    > Exchange shop open period: From May 23rd update to Jun. 13th 00:00
    - Event items are purchasable with special currencies from the dungeon stages.
    - The currencies are not usable from Jun. 13th 00:00 (server time). Spend them all before they expire!
    ※ The duration of the dungeon and shop are based on server time (Global, AU/CA: PDT, Europe: CEST).

    2. 2 New Skylanders
    - 2 new Skylanders will be added: Drobot (Tech/Expert) and Head Rush (Earth/Defense).
    - Obtain the Skylanders at Summon Shop or use Swap Scrolls to earn them. However, they are not exchangeable with Selection Scrolls or given as selectable rewards as Point Rewards.

    3. Skill revision
    - Certain Tech, Magic, and Undead Skylanders’ skills will go through balance changes.

    * Tech Skylanders

    1) Ro-Bow
    - Ro-Bow Rampage
    > Chance of activating [ATK UP] will increase to 60% from 50%.

    2) Trigger Happy
    - Golden Super Charge (Passive)
    > The skill will be activated when Trigger Happy has 3 buffs or more, instead of 4 buffs or more.
    > The buff requirement for activation will be lowered once skill Lv. reaches 2 instead of 5.

    3) Chopper
    - Ultimate Dino Destruction (Passive)
    > The skill will be activated with a 50% chance instead of 30% chance when he attacks an enemy of Fire or Magic element.
    > Damage decreases by approx. 15%.

    * Magic Skylanders
    1) Pop Fizz
    - Potion Lob/ Improved Potion Lob
    > Chance of gaining Mystery will increase to 100% instead of 50%.
    > As chance of the effect changes to 100%, bonus effects for Skill Lv. increase will change as below.
    Skill Lv.2: Effect activation chance +5% → +4% DMG
    Lv.3: Effect activation chance +5% → Cooldown time decrease by 2 sec.
    Lv.4: Effect activation chance + 10% → +5% DMG
    Lv.5: Effect activation chance + 10% → The skill’s effect will apply to all allies.

    - New Potion
    > Chance of gaining [CRIT RATE UP] will increase from 30% to 50%.

    - Beast Form
    > [Transform] will be released when Pop Fizz attacks 3 times. (In the existing version, the effect is released when he attacks 2 times.)
    > [EVASION UP] will not be activated even when Pop Fizz is under [Mystery].
    > Pop Fizz will receive Effect RES when transformed.
    > Initial cooldown time will increase from 3.6 sec. to 6 sec.

    2) Spyro
    - Sprint Charge
    > Spyro will attack a random enemy instead of the enemy with highest DEF.
    > The skill’s Mana consumption will increase from 1 to 4 and the skill’s cooldown time will decrease from 30 to 18 sec.
    > When Sprint Charge reaches Lv. 5, Mana consumption will decrease by 1 instead of 6 sec decrease in cooldown time.
    > The skill will deal 60% more damage.

    - Magical Signature (Passive)
    > Chance of activating the skill will increase from 30% to 50%.
    > Spyro will grant [Mystery] 2 times instead of 3 times.

    * Undead Skylanders
    1) Pit Boss
    - Restless Reptiles (Passive)
    > Restless Reptiles will be activated when Pit Boss [attacks], instead of [attacking an enemy of Fire or Magic element].
    - Double Snake Attack
    > Pit Boss will attack 2 enemies instead of 1 enemy. [HEAL DOWN] will be casted to both enemies.
    - Pit of the Viper
    > Pit Boss will grant [ATK UP] to all allies for 1 turn.

    2) Rattle Shake
    - Ecdysis (Passive)
    > Skill will activate after taking 4 hits instead of 5 hits.
    > When the skill is activated, he will gain [SHIELD] 2 times instead of 1.
    - Snake's Venom/Tail Sweep
    > Mana consumption will increase from 1 to 3, and their cooldown time will decrease from 24 to 15 sec.
    > Damage increases by 30%.

    3) Krypt King
    - The Swarm
    > The skill’s cooldown time will increase from 10 to 18 sec.

    *Life Skylanders
    1) Stealth Elf
    - Poison Spores
    The number of times Stealth Elf casts [POISON] will decrease to 2 instead of 3. This change is to balance the changes in Poison effect.

    4. Changes to Mystery/Poison
    - Mystery/Poison effects will be revised as below.

    * Poison
    Before: Effect does constant damage on an enemy in proportion to the enemy’s current HP.
    After: Effect will inflict constant damage on an enemy in proportion to the enemy’s MAX HP. The damage cannot not exceed 20% ATK of the attacker.

    * Mystery
    Before: Debuff count decreases by 1 when the Skylander is under [Mystery].
    After: Damage over time will decrease under [Mystery].

    5. Increase in entry limit for Guild Invasion
    - The daily entries for the Guild Invasion will increase from 1 to 3.
    - As the entries increase, the rewards for the Invasion ranking will be adjusted as below.

    6. Other changes
    - Fixed the bug of the cooldown time decreasing when you level up Pop Fizz's skill.
    - Addressed the issue where Crusher and Pop Fizz did not use some skills in automatic battles.
    - Missing characters in Collection are restored.
    - Incompletable missions due to the changes in level limit are replaced with new missions.
    - 4 Guild Missions added.
    - Portal Masters can tap Skylanders/Runes in chat to check their information.
    - Brand new Login bonus for new Portal Masters.

    - Revised the description of Chain Traptanium Thundersword (Thunderbolt)

    - Earn Nightfall and Blastermind as rewards in Halls of Chaos Extreme dungeons.
    Click image for larger version

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