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  • No answer from customer support in more than 48 hours


    I ran into an issue in Skylanders ring of heros when I finished the Master Eon's guide and collected the 300 legendary soul stones. I used the ingame customer support following the 1:1 Inquiry link, then by posting a message using the "contact us" option. I did once more than 48 hours ago, another attempt more than 24 hours ago and a last attempt a few hours ago. I have not receive a single mail of acknowledgment that my query was being processed or any answer to my support query.
    Is there an issue with the customer support in game system? should I use another communication channel? I would like this issue to be addressed because not only it is very frustrating that the even reward bugged but in addition to that I paid real money for the extra event reward which also bugged.

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    I have now sent 4 tickets using in game and web site Hive support and still haven't received a single acknowledgement or answer to my inquiry concerning Skylanders ring of heros for 4 days on an issue involving real money transaction.
    Is there a phone number or a mail address to contact directly customer support instead of going through this deft online support? Because 96 hours without responding to a customer on a digital transaction is simply appalling. I know the money involved is not huge, but I won't let any company get away with it no matter the transaction and the amount involved. If I do not get an answer to any of my queries at the end of the week, I will bring my case to google and request a full refund.

    A very disappointed customer.


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      hey sukoden, let me guess, you leveled your units to the required level, but the claim reward is still greyed out? if that's the case, its not a bug, its just a lack of info, in order to complete the mission you have to have your skylander leveled and 5 stared. so a level 60 hex, will *NOT* complete the mission, you will need her level 60 and 5 star for the quest to complete.