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Deja Vu S3 Issue

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  • Deja Vu S3 Issue

    After using Deja Vu for awhile in B9 I find that her hourglass could use some fine tuning. The issue arises when she is reapplying hourglass to a unit that already has it on. What will usually happen is that she will cast it on a full (Or near full) HP boomer. He will get hit twice and drop to some lower % HP (Say 50% or less). Deja Vu will then reapply hourglass at the new lower HP% and reset the timer to 3 turns. This will either end in death before 3 turns or if it does pop it will be at the lower % HP. I don't think this is how it should work.

    Some ideas.
    1. Make it a 6 (Possibly skill down to 5) turn buff that ticks like bombs, per turn not per hit.
    2. If the unit with highest attack already has hourglass, put it on a different unit.
    3. If it gets reapplied pop the first one and reapply it at that HP. This one seems like it might be too strong so possibly increase the CD time to balance.

    Thank you!

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    She also refuses to use her heal. I can sit at 10 mana with all my units 50% and debuffed and she just wont cast the heal. AI could prioritize heal more.