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Light Jet Vac Awaken Bug, Makes Him 30% Less Effective!

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  • Light Jet Vac Awaken Bug, Makes Him 30% Less Effective!

    Everyone who paid attention on this can confirm that Light Jet Vac 6 mana healing skill gets around 30% weaker if Light Jet Vac gets awakened.

    Considering that his main job is to heal , this is crucial specially in invasions and everyone who awakened just made him weaker instead to be little stronger because his heal should depend on HP like it says in skill text but even with more HP it heals 30% less than before awakening which sucks and we basically spent time refreshing stage 10-7 before latest patch and spent those gems to farm additional 300 shards as fast as possible overtime and in the end it just made him weaker.

    So RIP gems and time spent on that farming if you don't fix his heal when he gets awakened.

    Test on the screen shot is made without runes just to prove this bug.
    With runes before awakening heals were 3200 x 2 tics while having around 15,000 HP and when awakened it healed only 2000 x 2 tics and even 1000-2000 HP more healing is 30% weaker.

    Hoping that developers will finally see this issue and make quick fix.