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Crusher skill 2 bug

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  • Crusher skill 2 bug

    1. Operating System: Android
    2. Build #: the latest?
    3. Where the Issue Occurs: Any dungeon or adventure. It may occur in pvp as well, but I manually select skills there so I haven't directly observed it in arena.
    4. Issue Description: Crusher does not use his skill 2 (crusher spin: blaster) regardless of the situation unless a skylander on my team has been knocked out. I have watched many runs and seen multiple scenarios when 10 mana was available and my team had 0-1 skills in the turn cue, but he will not use skill 2 unless a skylander has already been KO'd. I have him awakened and the skill is fully upgraded. I do not know if the issue occurred before I skilled it up, because I didnt use him much at that point.
    5. Screenshots: attached
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