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April 28 soft patch glitches

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  • April 28 soft patch glitches

    ive been spending forever to max thunderbolt because his skill set is similar to zeratu from summoners war. I have him all awakened and I'm working on a maxxing him. For every attack from his first kill when it does a critical it adds a bonus hit up to three bonus hits. The third bonus hit being the strongest attack in the sequence. Ever since that soft patch on April 28th Thunderbolt stop his bonus hits at the second one. I spent a lot of time and gems farming shards for him and I was so excited to be using him and it was so satisfying to see all those attacks plus they did endurance damage paired with electric shock it was my favorite thing to do in the game. Ever since the patch now that he is not doing all of his bonus hits it's causing me a lot of points in Invasion since it's harder to knock the boss down. I messaged them on Facebook messenger and also sent a hive ticket but I have not gotten a response yet. Please fix this glitch it is breaking my fun :-(
    Oh yeah and its not just invasion this is hindering I should probably add, he was a key component in my b10 team and i cant auto it anymore. Sticking me all the way back to b8 (since b9 is fire and all my strongest skylanders are wind) not to mention im at mirage 59 working at 60 and I could have done it today (i first noticed the bonus hits werent working here) and since i put kaboom on the back of my list mirage 60 isnt as easy for me anymore. Rip 60 loot box

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    Thanks for the info!