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[UPDATE] April 18th Update

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  • [UPDATE] April 18th Update

    Update notice for Apr. 18th update

    Greetings Portal Masters!

    We are extremely excited to let you know about the new features we are about to bring with the upcoming 18th of Apr. update! Check out below details for specifics on v1.0.8 update!​

    [Server Maintenance Schedule]
    April 17th 10:00pm- April 18th​ 2:00am (PST)

    1. Hall of Chaos opens!

    - Fight against Kaos in Hall of Chaos!

    - Hall of Chaos has two types, a Standard Dungeon, and an Extreme Dungeon.

    -> A Standard Dungeon will open with a certain chance after battles in Adventures.

    -> An Extreme Dungeon will open with a certain chance either after clearing Standard Dungeons or when you reach certain Chaos level.

    -> Extreme Dungeon has a time limit, so you must clear it as soon as possible!

    -> You are not alone! Portal Masters can participate in a friend’s Dungeon as well.

    -> Earn the new item for Portal Master Talents called [Cubes] and 3★ Villain Soul Stones in Standard Dungeons.

    -> Earn [Cubes] and Skylander Soul Stones in Extreme Dungeons!

    -> 3★ Villains (Boss Villains, Doom Raiders) can be summoned and used as a companion villains just like any other companion Villains.

    ※ A Hall of Chaos discovered can be cleared once and will last for 3 hours until a new one can be found.

    ※ You can participate in a friends Hall of Chaos up to 5 times for Standard, and up to 3 times for Extreme. After the limit, you can spend [Chaos Coins] to enter more.

    ※ [Chaos Coins] can be claimed from Weekly Missions and can only be used for a Standard Dungeon only.​

    2. Portal Master Talents

    - The Talents will affect your battles in Adventures, Challenges, and Duels!

    -> Talents can be upgraded with the Cubes you get from Hall of Chaos and gold.

    -> The Cubes have corresponding elements which allow boost of ATK, DEF, and HP for Skylanders of those elements.

    ※ Talents will only affect the stats for specific contents only.

    Example) Adventures and Challenges Talents will not affect stats in Duels. ​

    3. Easter Event

    - To celebrate the Easter holidays, there will be special items added for the duration of the event.

    -> Duration: 18th of Apr. Update ~ 1st of May 20:00 (PDT)

    - Gather 3 types of Easter eggs from the 7th stage of each Skyland.

    - Make sure to claim your rewards from Daily mission after gathering enough Easter eggs!

    - You can also sell excessive Easter eggs from Menu > Inventory for gold.​

    4. Arena / Friendly match point shop event

    - An event point shop and an additional Poll will open as below.

    -> Duration: 18th of Apr. Update ~ 1st of May 23:59 (PDT)

    Event 1. Earn points!

    > Buy Skylander Soul Stones with points you get from Arena/Friendly Matches.

    Event 2. Vote for the most popular Skylander in the Arena/Friendly Match!

    > Take a guess on which Skylanders are used most frequently in Arena/Friendly Match!

    Pick your top 3 Skylanders and earn rewards! We will give out rewards based on how many Skylanders you vote for are in the Top 10 rank.

    Be sure to participate for rewards!​

    5. Bug fixes and others changes

    - Tutorial battles are excluded, and new users will go straight to the Portal Master creation menu after the video cut scene.

    - Addressed the issue where Trigger Happy and Blastermind’s Leader skill didn’t activate after the 2nd round.

    - Added favorite button for Villains as well.

    - Boss Animations On/Off setting will affect Guild Raid bosses as well.

    - You may now sell multiple runes at once by selecting grade and rarity.

    - Facebook button has been replaced with Discord button for certain regions.​