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Iceland hidden fish and other problems

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  • Iceland hidden fish and other problems

    thanks for putting out the 3rd
    but the hit rate needs to be much better.

    There are still many many problems that need to be fixed after the past update, before you come out with any more new things or events Please put more effort in fixing them

    just a few that need to be fixed
    ios can't send messages to you on hive
    iOS crashes constantly
    researcher can't add material
    restoring players gear that was ruined when area damage was added and area damage removed.
    Remove guilds with bots
    remove the rest of auto players that your still allowing to play ( yes there are a lot playing and we know u know it) beside remove the players also remove the guild that they are working in. This is cheating the rest of the players that are playing fairly.

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    Correction, as to gear. When you added area big fish from area damage


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      Chirp...chirp...listen to al the crickets. Great forum here huh?


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