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I have complains on this game's META

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  • I have complains on this game's META

    Hi Come2us,

    I have a few complains:

    1. Currently bomb team is TOO MUCH OP.

    What i don't understand is, why would you leave ONLY one way for players to beat Beast Labringth floor 9+. By a non-bomb team, it is almost impossible to beat B9 and B10 for now.
    You need to fix that.

    Personally, it makes no sense for me to spend money on non-bomb characters.
    Currently players are farming B10 by bomb team without even a healer and a tank. Are you kidding me?
    So finally everyone will just use the free to farm toons. All your sales will be OK for first couple months, and it will fall horribly once everyone knows what team is best.

    2. You need buff healers.
    Heal need be executed instantly in battle instead of lined in sequence queue. A healer spent mana and finally even couldn't catch up to heal team member. Dont mention sometimes you even don't have enough mana for healer skills! that's just Lame!

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    It was more diverse initially but obviously they saw that F2P players were actually doing well and over the last couple months in an attempt to squash that and push everything towards p2w they kinda screwed it up and this is the result. Dont worry you can be sure com2us is doing everything in their power to squash all f2p hopes and in time once the game ramps up the only viable characters will end up being the natural 5 star and up. Enjoy it while it last.