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Known Issues - April 2019

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  • Known Issues - April 2019

    These are the top issues affecting the community. Every month this list will be updated with new issues or we will remove the ones that have been fixed. During the month, we will add more issues to the list

    Please keep in mind that we can not publically post OR comment on the status of bugs, but we will try to offer generalized updates when we can. If they are fixed, we will update the Known Issues list to reflect that.

    If your issue is one of the examples below, you do not need to submit a new report thread, as the issue is being investigated/worked on.

    Known Issues for the month of April 2019:
    • Mission and Quest Issues: Users are unable to claim or complete Missions or Quests despite having fulfilled the requirements
      • Users have reported Missions 19 and 32 most often, but it is not isolated to just those two
      • Quest 7, 14, and 19 have been reported most often
    • Mission Text: Non-English users have reported that Mission requirements are not the same as the English version
    • Guild Kicks: Users have reported receiving an error pop-up when attempting to kick an undesired guild member
      • The functionality is as intended, but the pop-up message is erroneous
    • 'Awaiting server response' Message: Users are seeing this pop-up as often as 2 times per session and as rarely as once a day
      • This also includes generalized connection issues
    • Stuck on loading screen: Users have reported an 'infinite' loading screen that never lets them get into the game. Other have reported it lasting as long as several minutes
    • Boss Glitches: Users have reported that bosses do not take appropriate damage or bosses do not function as intended causing the user to lose the match due to unfair outcomes
    • Friendly Match Freeze: Users have reported hard freezes when attempting to initiate a Friendly Match, Private or Quick
    • Chat Issues: Users have reported issues surrounding the in-game chat function.
      • Guild Chat - Chat interface disappears or malfunctions when sending and receiving messages
      • General Chat - Slurs are making it past the chat filter and offensive language can be seen by all
    • NEW - Timed Out Scenarios: Users have reported that they are being 'timed out' when spending too much time progressing on through Elemental Dungeons, Event Dungeons, and Adventure Scenarios.
    • NEW - Visual Error: Users have reported that they are 'losing' massive amounts of resources when being disconnected from the server. This is only a visual bug, Wishstones and Gold are not being subtracted.