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    I have two systems improved that I feel would make the biggest difference for player retention.

    First is balance between "idle" game and "active" game seems like its in a weird middle of the road position, I suggest one of two fixes:

    -Either change gameplay to be more active and engaging, which would be a major overhaul and basically might as well be a different game entirely for a different audience
    -Allow some form multiple runs to be done at a time, at least a run x5 button or similar, best imo would be a run till out of energy. This could still require each battle to play out individually so as to not remove the incentive for faster or safer runs, then at the end give a basic overview and world boss style rewards summary window. Overview could just give win/loss numbers and who contribution ratings etc

    Number two is the rune manager needs some buffing.

    -Allow multi-sell from manager for quicker rune management
    -Add some form of optimizer where you could simply assign a priority to each stat as well as minimum thresholds for different stats, and pick rune sets if desired and it would return some options and allow speedy equipping of the runes
    -Allow more detailed filtering, runes have 4 subs why can I only filter by 2? Why can I either look at just one set, or all sets no comparing sets side by side?

    Edit: changed wording slightly on automation suggestion.

    Edit 2: formatting to make it easier to read.
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    Caiross will never happen. Ivr been pushing for scenario x3 atleast.
    agreed with entire post. Rune manage can get beefed yes. Showing legendary runes for reapps yes.