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[Global] Clown Control - Easy going (G1) guild recruiting!

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  • [Global] Clown Control - Easy going (G1) guild recruiting!

    About us:
    We are an easy going guild, non-competing, steady G1 guild in GB and Siege - got a strong core and got quite few places for new actives.
    Friendly (salty) members with loads of humor! hating on everyone who pulls a natty 5 (joking of course! remember not to get offended! wish everyone the rarest pulls!).
    English speaking (so no-one will get offended by accident)

    Guild battle rules:
    - Following +6 rule (with exception on difficulty)
    - Green > Yellow > Red towers priority - everyone want to win the battle not earn points and lose it.
    - Battle times 12~1am PST with 12 hours rotation.
    - User your swords following the rules above with exception on difficulty.
    * Exception on difficulty - If the enemy is too strong can easily attack all 3 +0, strong players might need to attack all 3 of +3 towers to win (just an example).

    Looking for:

    Active players to participate in GB, Siege, Lab, without pressure. No specific arena ranking required, however it would be better for you to not struggle in G1 GBs (around F3-C1+ can handle), if you are not strong enough it wont be as easy going as it sounds!
    We can squeeze around 10 attackers in if you got a small group that would like to join.

    - Getting more attackers for siege for easier wins.
    - More Lab participants for quicker clears.

    - Can search our guild: Clown Control in the game.
    - Leave your SW name below and we will send an invite!

    My name is LuckySmaicer, running the guild with the help of Tonyatc and Jak.ul. Hope to see you soon!

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    bump~ still recruiting


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      still recruiting~


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        Some people have joined already, we got space for around 5 more attackers left. still recruiting