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[Bug/Glitch Report] Skylanders skills not activating

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  • [Bug/Glitch Report] Skylanders skills not activating

    Operating System: Android version 8.1.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

    Build #: M1AJQ.T580XXU4CSA1

    Where the Issue Occurs: Scenario 9.1 Easy ( Edit: ) EU Server

    Issue Description: At some (seemingly) random point of the run, the skills of my skylanders just stop working. They still use the mana, the skill goes on cooldown, but it does not play the animation or deal the damage. Enemies skills are still working, also the villain skill still works. I have had this happen once or twice in the last week, however since today I am encountering this bug in approximately one out of ten runs.

    Screenshots/Footage: I couldn't record footage of this, however I have found someone else with the same issue, that has a recording of this issue.
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    I have presumably the same problem as described here:


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      Thank you for the report!