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  • Thread to Com2Us: Help your game now

    Hi there,

    This thread is here to help every community, be nice and answer here to improve the game.

    My name is PLS, i'm 39 account at the moment, i'm mostly F2P (less 40e).
    I'm playing Skylanders since the beginning on EU server.
    First, our start was pretty nice, we got many gems, energy and we were all progressing, chill.
    Next, after two weeks, we got an update and problems appeared.

    With this update, Com2US added some packs but no content or event in game. A lot of people need to know right know what's going on.
    Even people who paid more that 300e + packs in game are now going to be block in their game because atm, if you are a player level 30-40 account, you are surely farming runes (floors 7, 8 & 9) or another Skylanders, so we are all going to need more and more gems to refill our energy to continue this story...
    Right now, if you are doing some runes, for example, on floor 7 or 8, you gonna need 8 energy per run, 80 if you are using run x10 (speed x3), after max 2 runs x10, you will need to refill it again, so you will need to use 90 gems mini. Floor 7 or 8, you will got motsly runes 4*, you must be prepared to do this many times and use a lot of gems to get some 6* runes. Gems are so important that you can't afford to use them elsewhere like in a summon session, it's too expensive now.

    We need now a cost reduction for refills and maybe some changes for packs. Legendary and Heroic packs are killing game too. People who are able to pay these every are just sniping Skylanders they want. In a gacha game, we need some RNG to keep some magic and do not kill the game. It's not a problem if some people are buying packs, but many of those should have been added 4-5 month later, not now when the game is starting. I just that mostly F2P players won't leave the game in the next 2 weeks. We need now some events and adjustments...

    I hope you will read that Com2Us, we just like this game, that why we're writing this, many people want to help you.
    Your turn now, do something now!

    Best regards,


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    I agree with My_name_is_pls, i understand the company's goal but if you add too much pack and/or don't make refill costless, the community will leave this game like hundred others gacha game because the majority of players can paid sometimes, but not 30$ every day to refill.

    This si my point of view,


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      I'm totally agree with PLS, is so hard to farm when you're F2P, cause we use so quickly all gems we can have for refill.
      We can't Summon and refill, and new packs are just so gamebreaker. I want said legendary pack, focus 4 nat pack and Stealth elf pack.
      We like Skylanders but if cash player can't have RNG is not really fair.
      I hope you will read this.


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        Hello, I agree with the PLS friend. If we want to invest in this great game after small quick calculation. We must invest sums unacceptably playing 5 hours / day is minimum 20eur / day. You will understand that not everyone can afford a 500eur investment for a mobile game. Do not let us miss this great game!


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          We are well aware that p2win players, have a real advantage over f2play players.
          However, in order to play a whole day, we need 2000 gems for refile : Which corresponds to 50$.
          So either your game is for the rich, or there is a real problem of balancing.
          We wish to have extra energies in order to play, and not get tired of the game.
          Best regards, Roby


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            As a player similar to the people above, I also find that the economy is a problem on this game the details have been said above.
            I support all these people below I like the initiative I will share this with my friends.


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              Hi Come2us.

              After all those years i thought you guys had understand what everyone just pointed out but guess what ? You still are here draining money from us.
              well that sentence doesn’t have much sense since we agree. But no more guys.

              Yes you guys are here to make profit, yes some of us gladly agree to participate in this. But you guys need balance !
              If P2W players have to rule over the ladder then be it, but do it the right way.

              First, cash shouldn’t rule over time investment. Some balance need to be done.
              Second, like the author said pack shouldn’t allow you to snipe a Skylander.
              Third, why on earth shouldn’t we be able to play as much as we want ? In SW, which is a pretty old game, you can play all day along.
              Yes, it’s old and most of the features are already out and all, but you should either balance refill price(actual price seems to be balanced even tho everyone seems to say otherwise), or give more free energy daily. Through daily / week quest or whatever but please do something because otherwise the only way for players to JUST play will be either to pay, or drastically slow down on their progression and yet again the gap between p2w and f2p will grow.

              Keep in mind that most of the players are f2p, or low spenders. In the end even « whales » / big spenders will eventually leave if nothing change ...
              You guys have experience, USE IT.

              I wanted to point out something that a lot of players already reported.
              Rune sell price should change depending on the star level AND rarity.
              Potion shouldn’t cost, or at least less, gold. The price is way too high, plus the xp given is just ...

              Theandras : a player that only wants to play this awesome game
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                I agree with all of what was quoted above.
                If these remarks are not taken into account, I'm afraid that the game will lose the vast majority of its players and will eventually die.



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                  I agree with all said above me.
                  Im a big fan of your game and play it since the soft launch and minute one.
                  And i also understand economy and that you wanna make money but dont punish f2p players this hard. Im willing to invest money to support your work but im not willing to spend several hundreds euros per week just to farm. Thats ridiculous. Please please please adjust the refill costs and work on some new events. You have so much experience from other great games you developed and kept that great work up over years. If you dont adjust the game not only the f2p player will leave but also the big whales/spenders will leave due to empty servers.

                  Kindly, Vansmann


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                    Hi Com2us

                    I agree with all in this post.

                    I play the game more then 14/16 houers a day and i think the cost for refills is to much after 3 weeks of much Progress is my gems bank soon empty.

                    In my hops i wish a bit changes for refills for make the game more F2P friendly. I know all want make big money from this game and this is okey.

                    I hope only the refills can change a bit for better play time i not want invest 200/300 euro a week for play this game this is to much for me and i think this is to much for many players.



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                      +1 we need help, please answer the community!


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                        You have here a big pool of players who knows how theses games work, especially yours Com2us. This post aint for bashing you but to warn you about our concerns. I support this thread because im a fan of your games, plz listen to us and have a nice day
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                          That is a realy a shame that during the first patch of the game , 50% or more of the patch is about packs, with so much easy problems to solve (guild chat , rune prices , ...) Keep doing like that and u'll be sure people will leave the game soon, the french community is very active and right now very disappointed


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                            Its way to expensive right now to play this game - you need 2k Gems a Day if you play 10 Hours ~
                            Thats 110 Euro each 3 Days... Thats not fair at all... Now is your Chance to Change the Game.



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                              Agree with that !