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Easy fixes to make this game 100 times better.

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  • Easy fixes to make this game 100 times better.

    I will make this quick and short, two biggest problems this game has is energy consumption and hero shards the balance between how much energy cost and the ability to get shards for high rarity skylanders both can be fixed very easily.

    1. Cut the price of energy refills in half, to farm a stage for hours and use easily 3000 plus energy to awaken and 6 star a the current energy prices is just terrible.

    2. Allow omni gems to drop in Beasts and Wailing dungeon. This will give a way for people to get shards for the units they to use while getting runes, think of it like angelmon drops in SW.

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    I like the idea of omni drops in the dungeons and totally agree with the energy refill problem