Global Release is right around the corner so we wanted to make sure everyone is ready! Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Global Release Info:

Date: February 27th

Time: Servers go down at Approx at 5:00 pm PST

(Here's a nifty resource to help you convert the time >>

Treat this update as you would a regularly scheduled maintenance. The update may take a few hours to complete and it may need to be extended. We will keep everyone updated via social and official forum in the event of an extended maintenance. When the servers come back up, the game will be updated with the Global Release Version. You can check the Game Version # under the logo when the title is loading.

A Changelist or Patch Notes will be added later. We will link them to this announcement, too.

Global Launch Checklist:

Account info - If you haven’t played since the beta, be sure you know your login info. If you’re having trouble retrieving it, please contact Customer Service. Click here >>

Linking up with Friends Be sure to ask your friends which server they’re planning to go to, so you can join the same server together.

Where to Download You can download the game from the Apple App Store or from The Google Play Store. Be sure to check if your device is compatible. That info will be available on the download page.
New User Help Along with the in-game tutorial, there are great knowledge bases available. Some are official, while others are made by players and fans, just like you!
Pre-Reg Rewards:

For users who have not received their Pre-Reg rewards because they were outside of the Soft Launch regions, your rewards will be waiting for you when you log in!

If anyone is missing rewards, please contact Customer Service using the link above.

Regional Availability
If you do not see your country on this list, the game is not going to be available to you at launch, unfortunately. More regions may be added in the future.
Apple Google
Ghana Ghana
Guyana Gabon
Gambia Guatemala
Guatemala Greece
Grenada Guinea-Bissau
Greece Cappo Verde
Guinea-Bissau Namibia
Namibia Nigeria
Nigeria South Africa
South Africa Netherlands
Netherlands Netherlands Antilles
Norway Norway
New Zealand New Zealand
Niger Niger
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Denmark Denmark
Dominica Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Germany
Germany Latvia
Liberia Russia
Latvia Lebanon
Russia Romania
Lebanon Luxembourg
Romania Rwanda
Luxembourg Lithuania
Lithuania Liechtenstein
Madagascar Macedonia
Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic) Mali
Malawi Mexico
Mali Morocco
Mexico Mauritius
Mauritius Mozambique
Mauritania Moldova
Mozambique Malta
Montserrat United States of America
Republic of Moldova Myanmar
Malta Bahrain
United States of America Bahamas
Bahrain Bangladesh
Barbados Benin
Bahamas Venezuela
Bermuda shorts Belgium
Benin Belarus
Venezuela Belize
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina
Belarus Botswana
Belize Bolivia
Botswana Burkina Faso
Bolivia Bulgaria
Burkina Faso Brazil
Bulgaria Saudi Arabia
Brazil cypress
Saudi Arabia Senegal
Sao Tome and Principe Serbia
Senegal Sweden
Seychelles Swiss
Saint Lucia Spain
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Slovakia
Saint Kitts and Nevis Slovenian
surname United Arab Emirates
Swaziland Aruba
Sweden Armenia
Swiss Argentina
Spain Iceland
Slovakia Haiti
Slovenian Ireland
Sierra Leone Azerbaijan
United Arab Emirates Albania
Armenia Algeria
Argentina Angola
Iceland Antigua Barbuda
Ireland Estonia
Azerbaijan Ecuador
Albania El Salvador
Algeria England
Angola Yemen
Antigua Barbuda Oman
Anguilla Australia
Estonia Austria
Ecuador Honduras
El Salvador Jordan
England Uganda
British Virgin Islands Uruguay
Yemen Ukraine
Oman Israel
Australia Egypt
Austria Italy
Honduras India
Jordan Jamaica
Uganda Zambia
Uruguay Georgia
Ukraine Zimbabwe
Israel Czech Republic
Egypt Chile
Italy Cameroon
India catarrh
Jamaica Canada
Zimbabwe Kenya
Chad Costa Rica
Czech Republic Ivory Coast
Chile Columbia
Cape Verde Kuwait
catarrh Croatia
Canada Tanzania
Kenya Turkey
Cayman Islands Togo
Costa Rica Tunisia
Columbia Trinidad and Tobago
Republic of the Congo Panama
Kuwait Paraguay
Croatia Peru
Cyprus Portugal
Tanzania Poland
Turks and Caicos Islands France
Turkey Finland
Tunisia Hungary
Trinidad and Tobago