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Known Bugs in 1.7.2 - Issues That Need to be Addressed

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  • Known Bugs in 1.7.2 - Issues That Need to be Addressed


    As some of you are aware, the current version of the game has a multitude of bugs that are rather disruptive in PvP, to put it lightly. I am not sure if the developers are currently hard at work or merely turning a blind eye to them, but really I hope that something is being done to resolve them. It is getting to a point where it is too difficult to ignore. Many of these bugs have been present for several months, while others have been either recently discovered or kept under wraps in order to take advantage of them.

    I took the liberty of compiling a number of bugs into this video. For the Rune of Peace bug, you can see them both here and here.

    1. Rune of Peace (Antirez Bug)

    We will start with the most concerning bug on the list - the Rune of Peace, a rune potential effect that has a chance of preventing the enemy from reviving when they are killed by your skill.

    As mentioned in the last thread about this issue, this rune can be exploited to activate 100% of the time regardless of its potential level. If the killing blow is a skill that can activate multiple times, or gained an additional activation by Lona's relation or bonus attack buff, then this potential will always activate. Always.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, this bug affects only mobile devices. If you play on an emulator, you will never experience this bug. You can neither exploit it, nor can it ever be done to you in battle. But if you play on a mobile device, this bug is a double-edged sword - you are able to exploit it, but it can also be used against you.

    Many Diamond players in top guilds are well aware of this bug and are building defenses around it due to how powerful it is. As a result, it is very common to see heroes like Irene, Brewdin, Iris, and Septune (there are many, many more that can abuse this bug) on defense with a low level Rune of Peace. And of course, Lona is the optimal pet of choice as bonus attacks caused by this pet will also trigger the potential effect all the time. This affects both arena and guild battles.

    2. Zenith S2 and Soul Connection (Ghost Bug)

    This one was recently discovered. Plath's Soul Connection trait is supposed to bring back one of your dead party members as a ghost for a turn whenever the enemy uses a skill that revives one of their own. This works as intended against every hero except one - Zenith.

    For some reason, Zenith's revival skill will not cause Plath to bring back a ghost for his team. She completely circumvents that trait for no good reason at all.

    3. Septune S1 (Escape Death Bug)

    Septune's revamp was pretty nifty until discovering how messed up her Escape Death buff actually was. On one hand, there is a bug that makes it slightly better than regular Escape Death, but then there is one that makes it really awful.

    First off, the Escape Death buff will not activate if the killing blow is a skill with more than 1 hit. This means that, if for example, you use a Sable against a row of heroes that are supposed to be protected by Septune's buff, they will all die instead of being saved. In case you were wondering - Sable does not even have to apply bleed on them either. They just die to the direct hits themselves before he can even cause them to bleed. This makes it quite useless against pretty much every single PvP hero in the game, as they often have skills which have 2 or more hits.

    Now onto the part of the bug that kind of helps it. If the killing blow is a skill that does only 1 hit, but applies a continuous damage effect at the same time, Escape Death will save the hero from both the direct hit as well as the damage tick from the debuff. Normally, heroes saved by Escape Death will immediately die when the continuous damage ticks on application. This is not the case for Septune's Escape Death buff.

    4. Buff Removal Rune (Offensive)

    This one is either not working as intended or a tooltip error. Normally, this rune is only supposed to activate if your health is at or above 100%, and if you meet this condition, your attacks have a chance of removing 1 buff from the enemy. But in reality, this rune can activate regardless of your current health status. You can be at full life, half dead, or even nearly dead and still be able to activate it.

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    Yeah Com2us Devs, let's fix this and make this game great again please!!


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      After reading the most recent Developer Note in its entirety, I am very concerned that these bugs are not getting the attention that they need. These bugs greatly affect the current state of PvP, so I am extremely surprised they are simply overlooked. As a result, I have decided to publicize the video, this time including the Rune of Peace bug and how to replicate/abuse it.

      If this sort of PvP environment aligns with the developers' intentions, then so be it.


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        Come on c2us devs, please fix it