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10 7 Normal Guide

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  • 10 7 Normal Guide

    just a rough nerf..

    . : Quick Notes : .
    - This is only a guide and only the opinion of myself an no one else.
    - Elemental advantage means 20% more damage given and 20% less damage taken. Disadvantage is reverse.
    - Hotdogs heal power is based on his atk power, so the harder he hits the more he heals.
    - Use Brocolli ASAP, even if he doesnt get a heal out, he still takes a hit which is one less hit your team takes.
    - Keep in mind elemental disadvantages, use soft aggro to distract the enemy whilst your advantage dps nuke.
    - If you cant auto, manual.
    - Any problems with this guide? msg zemerdon in-game!
    - Video and stats at the end of this document.

    Normal Difficulty
    Chapter 10. The Shrine of Light
    Stage 7. Madness of Light
    Boss: Luminous (Light)

    Advantages: Light = Dark
    Team1: Wham, Enigma, Kaboom

    sick of grinding? need a rest from arena? maybe you just got that new nat5 you want to test out!! well, 10-7 is the place to do it!

    If your ready to tackle the normal difficulty of Luminous your already familiar with this guy from the easy stage, BUT, this guy has more HP and hits 10x harder!

    So, for this stage i used my stable diet of Wham, Enigma, Kaboom, why change a good thing right ? and they work just fine here!

    There is only one wave for this stage and they're easily defeated leaving your team with full HP upon facing Luminous.


    Two main skills to watch out for, Absolute Shield (Summons 3 shields to block all attacks), and Judgement (AoE dmg, 4 hits). My approach was to try mitigate as much of the damage as possible and survive the big hits whilst Kabooms bombs tick away.

    rotation as follows... (situational)

    Kaboom EXPLODE > Kaboom TRAP > (Luminous summons crystals) > Enigma BLESS > BOSS DAMAGE > ...

    ** you can either start with Traptanium Cannonballs (ATK DWN) or Super Cannon Jump (EXPLODE). The reason you would start with Traptanium would be to save Jump for when Luminous summons his two crystals, which is almost always at the start of the round. I personally prefer to get bombs ticking asap.

    My thought process for rotation is to always try and have Kaboom with BLESS as no Kaboom no bombs. After, depending on where im at ill either debff the boss or get a bomb off. If Luminous has just done damage and nothing is on cooldown ill debuff him with Kabooms Traptanium so i KNOW his next attack won't kill me, then either BLESS Kaboom or have Kaboom EXPLODE Luminous.

    If you manage to knock the boss down, its a great time to buff up, debuff boss and get a bomb on him, but in my video i never got the chance. As RNG comes@you, your rotation will change also so you have to think fast on your feet and sometimes that skill cast you thought wouldn't work will win you the level! so always try new things!

    Once you get comfortable with your own rotation its time to let the RNG game play out... and this level is king of RNG, so do'nt be dissapointed if this takes you in excess of 20+ attempts to conquerer or get close.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!


    having trouble dealing with Luminous's Absolute Shield ?

    Blades can be added into the team with his remove buff skill.
    Hotdog could also be added to help keep alive your team and buffing Kaboom with ATK UP which not only makes your team hit harder but increases Kabooms EXPLODE dmg.
    Fling Kong is another viable option with his STEAL BUFF skill.

    . : RESOURCES : .


    VIDEO TURN BREAK DOWN (that crystal dmg doe:-

    jump > boss light > trap > bless > boss summon > jump > boss aoe > boss light > trap > jump > bless > boss shield > jump > wham def up > trap > boss summon > wham poseidon > boss light > jump > boss aoe > crystal self detonate > jump > trap > boss light > wham poseidon > boss dead

    ** STATS **
    my stats as time of the video...

    Wham atk 3.8k def 3.3k hp 10.9k
    Enigma atk 3.4k def 1.8k hp 8.4k
    Kaboom atk 7.2k def 1.4k hp 6.9k effect.acc 103