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Mirage Tower Normal Guide

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  • Mirage Tower Normal Guide

    just a rough nerf..

    . : Quick Notes : .
    - This is only a guide and only the opinion of myself an no one else.
    - Elemental advantage means 20% more damage given and 20% less damage taken. Disadvantage is reverse.
    - Hotdogs heal power is based on his atk power, so the harder he hits the more he heals.
    - Use Brocolli ASAP, even if he doesnt get a heal out, he still takes a hit which is one less hit your team takes.
    - Keep in mind elemental disadvantages, use soft aggro to distract the enemy whilst your advantage dps nuke.
    - If you cant auto, manual.
    - Any problems with this guide? msg zemerdon in-game!
    - Video at the bottom of this document.

    Mirage Tower 20F (Magic)
    Advantages: Magic = Water, Tech.

    No real strategy here, more of a hard stat requirement. But, you can bring elemental advantages (water, tech) if it helps, plus eliminating the boss mobs first may help as they have minimal HP.

    Mirate Tower 30F (Earth, Light)
    Advantages: Earth = Air, Undead. Light = Dark.

    Easy waves, you can focus the bombers if need be.


    Either focus boss so he uses Urgent Care heal on his mobs, or kill one of the mobs if you need to. Mobs have low HP and are easily killed so be careful bringing AoE toons. If you kill both of his friends he will cast heal on himself and the fight will get annoying!

    Mirage Tower 35F (Magic, Tech)
    Advantages: Magic = Water, Tech. Tech = Earth, Life
    Single Target: Steal Elf, Tuff Luck
    AoE: Snapshot, Kaboom

    Similar to M30, waves should be easy.


    The mobs have low HP so you can AoE them down. Boss buffs ATK and can transfer his debuffs to you. Nuke boss ASAP.

    Mirage Tower 40F (Fire)
    Advantages: Fire = Water, Tech
    Team1: Wham, Enigma, Kaboom
    Team2: Any

    Waves should be easy.


    The mobs come buffed with a 3 turn shield but nothing hits too hard. AoE the mobs shields down and defeat the mobs first, reducing your damage take. After mobs have been eliminated, you can safely deal with the boss. Keep in mind Brocolli can remove EXPLODE when 1 count remains on one of your team mates.

    Mirage Tower 45F (Tech)
    Advantages: Tech = Life, Earth
    Team1: Wham, Enigma, Kaboom
    Team2: Any

    The Waves are fairly easy, just use Kaboom to cast EXPLODE and Enigma to BLESS Kaboom. If you run into trouble you could always replace wham with Hotdog to boost heals, dont forget to use Brocolli!.


    Just scraped into the boss stage and avoided blowing up through the waves?! Well, you havn't escaped yet!

    This boss is unique, the more allies he has the stronger he is! So guess what! KILL THEM ADDS!. Just like the waves stage you can use Kaboom to AoE and EXPLODE adds + boss, Enigma to BLESS Kaboom and Wham to buff team. After you kill the first add the boss will hit significantly lower, and again when the other one dies, so this is absolute priority! Once both adds are down the boss hits very minimal and is easily eliminated. Watch out for EXPLODE on _your_ team!

    Mirage Tower 50F (Life, Air)
    Advantages: Life = Undead, Air. Air = Magic, Fire
    Team1: Wham, Enigma, Kaboom
    Team2: Damage Dealers

    The waves are fairly easy as the birds have little health allowing Kaboom to make swift scrap of them with his 20% elemental advantage!


    A bit of annoying stage, but unique in its own right. Big bird and two little birds... easy right? well...

    Like the previous stage where you want to kill the adds right away, i would suggest keeping these guys alive!. Upon killing one of the adds they will cast DEMINISH (takes a percentage of your HP away dependant on your ATK POWER) and UNRECOVERABLE which blocks all healing effects. Both debuffs are rather annoying, but aren't actually too bad to deal with provided you bring the DEEPS!. So you have two choices here in your approach, bring AoE and deal with the debuffs but take no damage from the adds, or leave the adds alive, ignoring them, and nuke the boss ASAP.

    Using my team i chose to AoE and deal with the debuffs. Alternatively you could use Team1 as AoE for the waves and Team2 as single target for the boss, such as Stealth Elf, Tuff Luck, Grilla Drilla.

    Good Luck and Have Fun with this level !!

    Mirage Tower 55F (Fire, Water)
    Advantages: Fire = Water, Tech. Water = Life, Earth
    Team1: Wham, Enigma, Kaboom
    Team2: Ember, Stealth Elf, Snapshot

    The waves are fairly easy. Use Kaboom to cast EXPLODE and Enigma to BLESS Kaboom.


    So, you enetered the stage and theres only one mob?! Dont be fooled, the boss will summon two of his little friends!. These little grenade guys will do a normal attack and self explode after 2 turns wiping your team, or coming close to it, so be carefull to keep track of their timer. The strategy is simple, AoE adds and target boss. The damage output is not too bad and can be dealt with. Kaboom and Snap Shot are excellent here for dealing with the adds and if you built Snap Shot correctly, with CRIT, youll have no problem knocking the boss down to gain those much needed turns to get a DoT or two of EXPLODE on him and maintain debuffs.

    rotation as follows...

    Kaboom cast EXPLODE on boss and AoE adds > Enigma BLESS on Kaboom, Kaboom ATK DWN on boss > Wham DEF UP team and damage boss (with chance of casting ATK DWN).

    Good Luck !

    * my build for Kaboom on this level was CRIT so i could one shot the adds. Strike set + broken, CRIT, EFF.ACC, ATK.
    * Hotdog can replace Wham no problem as he can help keep HP up not only throughout the waves if RNG is bad, but also on the boss stage.

    Mirage Tower 60F (Undead)
    Advantages: Undead = Fire, Magic
    Team1: Wham, Enigma, Kaboom
    Team2: Ember, Stealth Elf, Snapshot

    So you made it this far, now the real test begins!

    Approaching the waves my rotation is as follows:

    Kaboom, super cannon jump (EXPLODE) > Enigma, all eye for several eyes (BLESS) > Kaboom, traptanium cannonballs.

    The idea is to cast EXPLODE from Kaboom, Bless Kaboom from Enigma and let the bombs destroy the waves whilst remaining near 3/4 HP so you start the next wave near MAX HP. You can throw in a Crustacean Combo from Wham which gives DEF UP to your toons if you like to help with the damage mitigation.

    ** WAVE2 TRICK **

    So you've mastered the wave levels and go into the boss stage with FULL HP but cant quite kill that last health bar? check this little beauty of a hint...

    So wave 2, everyone close to FULL HP, TEAM 1, last mob. When the last mob in wave 2 is about to die switch to TEAM2 and kill it. This will ensure you start the boss level with your secondary team which is what you want. With this, i used Snap to decrease endurance on boss, Elf and Ember to nuke the boss. Rotation was, Use Snaps skills when available > Elf > Ember. This will ensure at the very least, the boss is reduced endurance close to being knocked down and with 2 health bars taken down or as much as possible to when your team 1 comes in it should take 1 or 2 hits to knock him down.

    ** END WAVE 2 TRICK **


    So you made it this far ! lets get it done !

    My first clear was without the use of WAVE2 TRICK. So rotation was as follows...

    Kaboom for EXPLODE(always on cooldown), Enigma BLESS Kaboom(always on cooldown), Kaboom ATK DOWN boss(EXPLODE takes priority), Wham DEF UP when possible(dont compromise EXPLODE but use after). Summon Brocolli ASAP as he is a fantastic meat shield meaning the boss will go for him creating a soak turn so you can get a free hit in essentially. As you progress through the rotation and the bosses HP decreases, you'll want to start looking at his minion. The timing of his minion is crucial, i usually save him till the bosses last HP bar(he dies a few times in between). If the minion is alive when the boss is killed, the boss will revive with roughly 25% HP, GAMEOVER, so be aware of the minion.

    This level is very RNG orientated when you first start doing it and may take well over 20 attempts to complete, but dont worry you'll get it !

    so you dont have the toons i used? No Problem! try these ones...

    - Hotdog and Blades can replace Wham as a meat shield. (Hotdogs HEAL is based on his MAX ATK)
    - Team1 can be done without Enigma. Hotdog, Wham, Kaboom ive been told works fine.
    - If lacking EXPLODE damage on Kaboom, try Blast Zone for leader.

    useless information...
    (stats at the time, if i remembered correctly)
    ((rune info are slots 2, 4, 6))

    Kaboom 6* +5 Awakened, strike + broken set, ATK, EFFET ACC, ATK. ATK 7.8k DEF 1.2K HP 6.5k EFF.ACC 100+.
    Enigma 5* +2, broken sets, DEF, HP, HP, DEF 1.8k HP 8.4K.
    Wham 6* +2 Awakened, DEF, HP, HP, ATK 3.8K, DEF 3.1K, HP 10K.

    ** M60 VIDEO **
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    Thanks so much for this thorough guide!

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