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Is there any plan for a hero reset feature for severe nerfs?

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  • Is there any plan for a hero reset feature for severe nerfs?

    I invested heavily in Tuff Luck before she was severely nerfed in the recent patch, if she was in her current state I never would have invested gold, evolution materials and skill up materials into her...

    I think it would be fair if post nerf we could reset a hero to base level and get a full refund of power up/evolution gold and materials and skill up materials.


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    Tuff Luck is still amazing, not as OP as before but definitely top tier still.


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      Especially if you invested skill upgrades into the unit. I would also like there be a way to get those back or reset. I've messed up so many times upgrading units I shouldn't have.


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        Many games have a ressurect feature as its usually called where for a small cost of premium currency usually it resets the character back to zero and gives back anywhere from 50-100% of the materials used. That said a lot of the bigger games dont do that... the reason behind it is first they just dont care about your efforts or trouble and in their eyes it just means you have to shift to another character to stay relevant which means a possibility of maybe spending money... it sucks I agree and I think its extremely shady but this is just how these companies work.


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          In a game where buffs and nerfs are common place and metas shift, it's always a risky investment if you level something. While I understand your point, it's still a situation of bad luck

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