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  • You have a voice!

    Use this thread to let us know about any suggestions and feedback you may have. Your voice matters and we care about what you have to say.

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    Is there any specific reason why you can’t use the “20th premium summing reward” to get blastermind?
    While All other magic 5 star do?


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      Would it be possible for us to have alternate skins for Skylanders? A previous mobile game, Skylanders: Lost Islands, had a ton of funny or seasonal Alter Ego characters that played off of the character's names, such as Gourmet Gusto or Surfer Slam Bam. Maybe they could also be a good use for extra Soul Stones after people have done everything possible with the Skylander, or simply got bored of the Awakened/regular appearance and want to shake things up.


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        I wanted to provide some feedback on the new patch. First of all, I appreciate that the farmable units were switched up, and that some 4* units are farmable now! I also really appreciate that energy prices have peen made permanent and that you can still farm a unit past the guaranteed number each day. It's great that the com2us team is listening to the community feedback!

        One major down side to the new patch is that the arena changes have made it very difficult for people to raise their arena rank. The ranks resetting to platinum 1 for people who were in masters the previous week combined with the loss of points when your defense team is defeated is making the climb back to masters seem nearly impossible. It might be worth considering a hotfix to make it more practical for people to gain points. This could be done by increasing the points earned per win, decreasing the points lost when your defense loses, adjusting how many ranks are lost each week at reset, or some combination of these.

        I really enjoy this game, and I appreciate the hard work you guys put in towards making it great!


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          1. Kaos Standard/Extreme Dungeons and the friends list.

          The Good:
          - New opportunity to gain shards, especially those that are not farm-able.
          - New way to improve skylanders, specifically focusing on pvp or pve content is a good idea.
          - New way to gain villains, creating a separate way to farm villains is a good idea.

          The Bad:
          - Managing Friend list and shopping around for Friends with the Skylanders you want in Extreme Dungeons. Managing Friends is a chore.
          - Timing window (3 hours only). This is creates a negative play experience when combined with the previous issue.
          - Number of Entries (30 max). Same as above, this is a negative play experience when combined with the previous issue.

          - Instead of the reward for Extreme Dungeons being Shards, they should be Omnis with a bonus elemental resource reward. This does two things: It means reduces the rewards for extremes to a reasonable level and makes it so that you don't need to find a friend with a specific shards that you need. Instead, you just want active friends and you can still focus on the specific unit you want to build.
          - Allow players to have one guaranteed extreme and one bonus extreme each day. Yes, people can get more than that now, but after people reach level 15, the number of extremes that appear drops dramatically and this would increase the consistency without the sharp spike at the beginning of the month.

          2. PvP arena and friendly battles.

          The Good:
          - Separate PvP defense. This has been a request since the beginning. Thank you.
          - Rewarding points for successful defense. This is good start.

          The Bad:
          - Losing an entire rank to every single player each week is bad and makes moving forward with pvp ranks near impossible.
          - Because the rewards for the time spent in Arena are so low, it isn't fun right now. It feels like a chore to complete.

          - Successful defense in pvp, should reward medals in addition to points. Points alone are not enough.
          - At the start of each season, players should drop down the bottom score of their pvp rank.
          - Add in skill stones or perhaps pvp bonuses to the pvp shop at the appropriate cost. Give rewards for pvp, to people that enjoy pvp.

          3. Gold

          The Good:
          - Gold is the common requirement for all transactions in the game. Meaning it will always be a resource that players will need and you can always use this as bonus reward.

          The Bad:
          - Rune Costs are too high and variable.
          - Gold gain per adventure run is too low and there needs to be an alternative means to gain gold.
          - Watching players farm hard adventure mode is not enjoyable at all to watch on stream.

          - Make Leveling a Rune cost a fixed amount of gold and add an elemental resource cost depending on the rune that is being leveled.
          - Make a Gold Dungeon, similar to the current challenge for those that need to grind more gold or allow players to use gems to refresh challenges.

          4. Skill Stones and Unusable Shards

          The Good:
          - These are long term resources that requires commitment and provides a goal for future improvement.

          The Bad:
          - This resource is restricted way more than it should be.
          - Some characters have very significant enhancements locked away behind skill ups.

          - Allow characters to burn extra shards to "purchase" skill stones. There are multiple ways this can be accomplished. Either players can burn shards from the skylander (or villain) instead of using skill stones to level up a skill or... you can create a system where you convert multiple shards to "buy" a skill stone.

          What if you could trade-in unused shards at a loss for a chance of better shards?


          I have 100 Green Shards, what if I could convert them into 100 gems?
          I have 100 Blue Shards, what if I could convert them into a heroic scroll (random skylander)?
          I have 100 Purple Shards, what if I could convert them into a legendary scoll (random skylander)?
          I have 25 Legendary Shards, what if I could convert that into a Green Skill stone?
          I have 50 Legendary Shards, what if I could convert that into a Purple Skill stone?
          I have 100 Legendary Shards, what if I could convert that into a Red Skill stone?

          You can change the numbers, but the idea is at that point, no shard becomes worthless..

          6. Incentives for paying users

          The Good:
          - There are some packs that significantly better than others, especially the skill pack.

          The Bad:
          - There are some packs that significantly worse than others, especially the potion pack.

          - Packs should reduce the grind requirement of the game to collect resources and reduce the randomness in the game. Packs like the Legendary pack, place a value on shards and allow a customer to choose shards of their choice. This should be the standard pack, not a monthly special.
          - Introduce a new premium item: An "instant ticket", usable when auto is an option to instantly collect the resources as if successfully completed the dungeon. Give these away with every cash purchase.

          8. Omni stone drops for Boss stages (refreshes)

          The Good:
          - It is a really good idea to have Omnis drop from the Boss stages. This gives flexibility to the player to choose the skylander they want to level.

          The Bad:
          - The drop rates for the Omnis are too low. So low, that refresh costs are too high for the amount of omnis available per refresh. Considering for non-generic omnis there is a 4 to 1 ratio. That means if they get 4 omnis in a run, they are only getting 1 effective shard. Even with the decrease in refresh costs, this is makes refreshes significantly worse.

          - A minimum of 4 omnis per run for non-generic and a minimum of 2 omnis per run for generic.
          - Introduce a purchasable boost item for drop rates for Adventure mode. The idea is basically an on-demand "Bonus Time".

          9. The Xp Challenge

          The Good:
          - Introducing a Challenge specifically for XP is good in theory.

          The Bad:
          - The issue is that the Energy Costs for a challenge that only rewards XP is too high. Unless someone is just swimming in Energy is this bad cost to value ratio.

          - Fix the potion issue, drop the energy costs to a reasonable level and make the main benefit of this challenge to reward potions.

          10. Red and Blue Potions

          The Good:
          - Having a way to award Xp without requiring Energy and Time to run adventure mode is a good thing.

          The Bad:
          - The Gold cost of the potions is too much and it is compounded by the gold crisis in the game.

          - Remove the gold cost. Even if you fix the gold issues with runes costs, this will still be a problem.
          - I don't expect this to be popular, but add potions to the requirement for Evolution and Awakening.


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            JUST more
            1 - More characters - allow to use at least 4 characters in adventures and dungeons - to create a use more complicated and advanced synergies - along with this dungeons would have to be more complicated now it is just DPS festival - which eventually will get real boring

            2 - More skills - cmon 2 skills? please give us 3 at least to be able to use

            This company have created one of the best or THE best collection RPG game in the world - SW , don`t mess with this project!! one of the SW key for success was the level of complexity and at this point of time Skylanders is a way to average


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              What you're going to need is a Ton of new characters, just drop like 20 new characters out of nowhere.

              Do it with a theme/story, as to why those characters just came out of nowhere.

              Then fix the adventure levels to make people want to play them over, and over again.

              And drop like two new rune bosses, with a bunch of new type of runes... All that should fix the game.

              (Because what you're really missing is the vast amount of characters to summon to keep the ball rolling).

              If possible add famous characters as well, like Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, every famous character you can.


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                I believe in scenarios you should add back shards of monsters. 1* on easy 2* on normal and 3* on hard. This will allow people to pursue methods more directly to accomplish their personal in game goals

                I think wish stone limit of 5 needs removed entirely. Many like to save and do a lot of something all in a row and as emaciated as things have become the hope for summoning joy has been erased unless your cannibalizing your shards for element tickets.

                I think wish stones should always be a reward for anything even if in very minimal amounts.


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                  I have concerns. This game was previously my favorite mobile game without question, but now I would have to seriously think about it. The last update really twisted this game up. Here is the good point:

                  1: 8x summons is much better, and more valuable to f2p players.

                  And the bad points:

                  1: The changes in the cost of energy to sweep is a little steep, but not a major concern.
                  2: 8x summons is now very hard to get. Premium summons tickets were very valuable in the monthly login awards.
                  3: The shard transmutation is a nice idea but extremely unprofitable. The only players who would use it are the players who don't need to.
                  4: SHARDS AND OMNI-GEMS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET! I am having a RIDICULOUSLY hard time getting my Ka-Boom powered up because I have NO Way of getting his shards outside of summoning and guild donation. I am fine with having some units changed from the previous farming settingsWhen W, but PLEASE go back to the diversity of farmable units. I have noticed that the "Normal" and "Premium" units have almost become as rare a nat-5's. There are no practical ways of CONSISTANTLY getting their shards. I started this game 2 months ago, and there were 4* and 5* omni-shards available for farming, and I was happy to know that I had a POSSIBILITY of farming nat-5s SOMEDAY! Now I have to wait until I get 800 gems, then HOPE I get lucky enough to get the unit I want. I want to level up my Snapshot, but can't because I can't get his shards.

                  In short, I would INFINITELY chose the previous version over this one. HELP!!!!!!!


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                    I think you need to respond to players. Few are vocal to you. I think you need to fix guild wars. And i think you need a new public relations expert because im sick of hearing you listen to us when you dont.