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Introduce Yourself!

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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Use this thread to tell everyone a little bit about yourself! Be as creative as you like.

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    Fiiiiiine, I guess I'll go first!

    Hello everyone! I go by PuffyHuff and I’m the Community Specialist here at Com2us for Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

    I started working at Com2us early 2018, but I've been passionate about helping communities for many years now. It's a really cool, fulfilling occupation and I couldn't be happier to be here!

    Favorite Skylander:
    I can’t pick just one! It’s a 3-way tie between Splat, Stormblade, and Hex.
    Splat appeals to my artsy side, I love her design…the mix of pink, purple, and yellow accents, so nice. She fights with a GIANT paint brush and for goodness sake!! What’s not to love?!

    With Stormblade, I try to add her to every team set-up every chance I get, only swapping her out when the team comp

    Last, but most certainly not least is Hex.
    She’s a witch.
    She wears lots of black .
    I like witches and wearing black.

    When I started playing Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, she was the first character I latched onto first and I never let go. She’s so much fun to play and her skills are really valuable, especially during an intense battle where you need all the help you can get.

    Favorite Game(s):
    I bounce around from game to game depending on how I’m feeling that day. I recently revisited Xenoblade Chronicles II after the big update, but I’m also playing Diablo3, Legend of Zelda: BotW, Persona 5, Yakuza, Soul Caliber 6 and I keep going back to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call when I want something nice and nostalgic. It’s old, but I love it!

    Favorite Shows/Movies:
    ANYTHING funny on Netflix

    Favorite Books:
    My favorite book is Twitter... >_>


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      Hi I'm sunnydoc, I'm a mobile gamer,foot baller,and doctor by profession. I played sw for 3 years,really looking forward to spend lot of time on this game...


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        Hey guys,

        I'm Loew3nzahn and i cant wait... I will spend a lot of time and maybe money in this game... and i will stream it on Twitch:, so maybe we can build a community on the Stream sorry for my bad english... The Stream is only in German then...

        I hope the release is soon...



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          Hello Sky-nerds! I am a huge Skylanders fan, everything from collecting to playing the games! I love sharing my passion with all of you and uphold evil in the Skylanders Universe.
          you can check out my channel on YouTube.
          Hello I'm still very new on YouTube. I made an account years ago but never made a video till summer 2016 I'm a huge Skylanders fan. probably have the biggest...


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            Heyo! Name's Jia. I'm a little bit of a veteran to the Skylanders community- I got into it back during Giants aaaaaalll the way back in 2012. I'm a huge artist (see prof pic) and really like Krankcase. Too much. (Again, see prof pic!) My username is Jia on ROH- come add me!