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Free cristals for endgame players

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    bump !!! This need to be fixed !!!


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_73865.png
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Name:	image_73867.png
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ID:	1822647 And here my mates go again under powerfarm , this time ex members from Requirem , one of the top guilds in EU server.
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        And here we go again !!!
        Look at this ones:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Summoners War_2018-11-15-17-16-43.png
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Name:	Summoners War_2018-11-15-17-20-40.png
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Name:	Summoners War_2018-11-15-17-20-32.png
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Name:	Summoners War_2018-11-15-17-20-50.png
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Name:	Summoners War_2018-11-15-17-20-26.png
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ID:	1823927
        Congratulations for the win guys.


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          Chow responds seem the most reasonable for this. I mean if everyone gets the same reward, whats the point of trying. Either increase the upper tier reward (which they did to some extent) and make guardian player view that its worth the crystal to be in a high guild. Endgame players fighting hard fights deserve a lot more crystal bc at guardian you’ll understand that 1000 crystal gets them almost nowhere in rune quality, while 1000 crystal for newbies buff them soo much. But of course the newbies would not understand or care for if endgame player can get any improvements, so they just want endgame player to get the same amount of crystal as them. And yes seige was a content made exclusively for endgame players bc you need 30 well runed monster for it. If you understand more about stratergy a c1 should beat a g1 defense with ease in seige. Anyways there are other places that give crystal come back to seige after you get strong enough to beat those shameless guardians. Dont try to ruin contents that are exclusive for endgame player just because you cant understand how hard it is for them to improve. Why would you want this game to be pay2win more than it is already.
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          • Calmar7905
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            Can i ask you please to post a screen with your real account in game , profile reccords if possible so we all can see your level. Also a screen with the guild you are in and what siege rank you guys are ?
            I have the big impression 1 of the guardians guys i posted earlyer :-))))))

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          1DarkMagic maybe you are not aware of the diference betwin a F3/C1 player and a guardian. It is huge.
          Siege is NOT a content exclusively for endgame players. Sieve don.t have lvl limitation like rta or raid/rifts. Seige is a guild content.
          You say is hard for endgame players to improove ? If what you say is true and they need 1000 crystals every 3/4 days for this , then for a midgame player is impossible to improove and i don.t even mention biginers.... This afirmation is false !!!
          @chow affirmation was : "limit reward in low rank to 360 crystals maximum for single player". No massive crystals reward means no more powerfarm from guardians on low rank. And Chow is very right here. And i agree with him.
          Make 500 maximum crystals for single player in g2 rank and 1000 in g3 rank. There will be te stimulation to fight at everyones real rank.
          I agree with you when you say newbies should have a reward in function of their work and level and same for endgame players. But wait C3 siege rank is a newbie rank , same for g1 siege rank .... i beleve the top rank is G2 and G3 siege rank and there endgame players should stay to fight if they want good rewards , not at C3 rank or G1.
          What u state in your post is totaly false and wrong. I undestand you need that 1000 crystals u farm free in low G1 rank but you need to undestand you are distroing the fun of almost 50 players with every siege you powerfarm.

          Originally posted by *Chow* View Post
          limit it to tier typ crystal gains and boom problem solve.

          basically: 1st con = 20%
          2nd get 18%
          3rd gets 16%
          and so on and so on. and boom problem solved.
          Read for good what Chow posted. No more 3 players with 30% contribution and 1000 crystals each. but first with a maximum of 20% contribution , second with max 18% , third with max 16% .... no more powerfarming.

          P.S. DaRealGameEnds make the affirmation with the 360 crystals limit , not Chow. Sory for mistake.
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            G1 is newbie rank? There are a variety of g1.... from 1000+ - 101, when you are somewhere 300-101 you see a lot of conquerer and guardian players in that part. Guardian player dont mean they are good at seige. Guardian player usually are players that can rune a few monster good for arena. Seige need 30-50+ good runed monsters. I am at g1 around 200-300 rank in seige, I dont like guys that hang in low g1 or conquerer seige where no one can beat them either, but changing it can affect everyone in every rank. I said chow suggestion is most reasonable for solving this, doesnt mean I think it should be changed to that.

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          1DarkMagic G1 rank in siege start around rank 1500 (~10%) to 101 , C3 start around 3500 to 1500 (~15%). We speack about 1400 guilds in G1 and 2000 guilds in C3. If we talk about G1 rank we can divide them in 1500->1000 where 99% of players are f1/f3 with 20/30 mobs runned more or less acceptable and whith no buildings. From 1000->400 most players are f3/C2 (isay most not all). From 400->101 are all guilds with very good players who struggle to reach G2 or even G3. Is obvious the gap betwin 50 G3 guilds , 50 G2 guilds and 1400 G1 guilds is very big. But in the end majority of players in G1 siege rank ARE newbies , low/medium players who have no chance in fighting guardians.
          We speack about numbers , you are affraid that changing the actual status quo will affect everyone ? Yes , if changed will affect. Will affect from start 3000+ guilds (low G1 and all C3) who will face enemys on their possibility, will affect all pleyers of this guilds who will finaly have the chance to do their contribution and get their rewards. Will affect all that endgame players who farm in low G1 and C3 and will loose their 1000 cristals free. And yes will affect the guilds in high G1 and their players who will be forced to fight harder if they want better rewards.
          Preacticaly 1DarkMagic you are affraid you'll loose your precious reward at rank 300 , you want this status quo to continue even if this ruin the siege for almost 3k guilds , aka 50+k players ??? Sounds selfish .....


          • 1DarkMagic
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            I dont deny that, the point here is everyone want crystals, you know in my guild i put all my best runes on my seige monster in order to do well in it. Most of my guildies put their best runes in rta and arena monsters. Thats the only reason i do better in seige. I mean would it make sense if they get the same crystal as me when a lot of their seige monster is pretty bad but ok enough to get wins? And I know guardian player who lose a lot of attks in the rank 200 range, I mean all those c1 need is have 3 monster and rune it good and even guardian would have problems. The reason i post is I can sympathize with you when those g3 player just come down to a guild where no one can beat them, I think thats horrible, yet I think the solution could hurt player progression. There are so many events and other things that give reward for newb players. We also have g2- g3 guild coming down with guardians players wiping us out pretty much too in the 200-300 ranks.

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          This one is new :
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Summoners War_2018-12-09-15-28-29.png
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ID:	1835070Click image for larger version

Name:	Summoners War_2018-12-09-15-28-55.png
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Size:	686.7 KB
ID:	18350712 of them are G3 , the already known Vacky and Ro.Mendex. The chineze name guy is a fake chineze , he is romanian (Adi) also known like Ten.Ching or Yamata.Sula . I know all 3 of them to be more honest , i even was in same guild with 2 of them time ago. Is a pity to see such good old players going down to farm noobies for some cheap crystals. But is even more pity to see com2us alowed this to happen if we take consideration of their policy:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	com2us abusing rules.png
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Size:	238.7 KB
ID:	1835072 and don.t came to tell us please that a guardian player who farm siege in c1/g1 rank for 500/1000 crystals every siege is not abusing the system.


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            du-te si te culca , tu cand jucai mmorpg-uri si te bateau aia de level mare , mergeai si plangeai pe la admini.
            translate : go and sleep , while you was playing mmorpgs and high level players ( pk -playerkill) you , you were spaming the gm-s to ban them .


            • Calmar7905
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              So ... who are you ? Vacky or the fake chineze name guy (adi aka ex Yamata.Sula aka ex Ten.ching , and translate too what that names mean in rumanian ).
              Here is not cryimg to admins , is just showing to everybody that bully actings are not quite right.
              I can understand you're not happy at all to see what you do and haw you act posted on a public forum and your comment show it.
              Maybe you should try to be more constructive and try to bring arguments , maybe starting to say who you are ingame.
              I.m Calmar here and Calmar in game EU server like you already know. Face to face virtualy speacking.

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            #ban1unitADabusefarmpoints #bancrystalsrechargeinRH #banMolongHathorGanyRTA #ban1-2unitsSiege #banAlliancenotatackRH #banGB/DB10mentor #banG1campLowrankRTA #banyourself


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              #buffmynat5 #pffffff

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            bump this again :-(


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              13th tower making such a huge impact on generating points is trully ridiculous!

              From 12 to 25 in just that, 13th tower alone!

              That is way too much and it needs a rework!


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                I didn't read all the posts here but again we are in siege vs a guild right now made by 3 or 4 G1-G3 RTA players and the rest are low level alts, they are farming C3-G1 siege, and I know it's lower coz we just turned from C3 to G1, all of them have G1+ RTA skins. Com2uS needs to implement a potency system, something like TQ did with Conquer Online many years ago to balance matchmaking system, (this has been suggested months ago) something like worldboss do for the score, in which it counts monsters grade, skillups and rune quality and grind it will only match guilds that have the same power and also the same grade of players, so it will be G3 farmers vs G3 farmers and normal balanced guilds vs normal balanced guilds.

                If you get almost (I won't say how much if you get 1st 2nd or 3rd place) the same reward if you win or lose, not based on the 0 to 20k points you make because it's impossible to do any score as a guild when you can't penetrate a frontline made of G3 players when your guild has mostly F3 players, but based in your guild ranking and based on if you used your 30 monsters or not.

                So this way nobody will be farming and everybody will try to get their rank as high as possible, instead of farming low levels autoing it.

                Com2uS have to do something about it ASAP.


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                  I mentioned how it is really hard for anyone with the format of system set up to be able to police or stop people using this exploit except to try to find a way to stop it being worth them doing it. But even though this does not affect me as my guild is strong enough to sit above the farmed ranks it is something that I would like to see is being looked into.

                  I think restricting total cristal or contribution gains in lower tiers could help. being able to get 1k crystals is appealing so they farm the low tiers. How appealing would it be if they could only get 300 in Challenger, 500 in Fighter, 750 in Conquerer?
                  Would that still mean they do it? might it mean they just band together and it doesn't resolve the issue for the low ranks?


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                    At this point , i beleve more and more that is neccesary to start apply com2us rules and temporary ban some players for advertisment.
                    I don.t think is hard to implement a checking control. Is enaf the system to register haw offen a player get the 30% contribution. At high rank nowbody do that contribution , at low rank sometime can happen. The telemetry can register and send a alarm signal to admins when a player do 30% contrib 3 times in a raw , this way admin have a segnalation and check the interested player. If the olayer result to be a high grade player in a too low rank (obvious farmer) admins can apply the rules and start banning.
                    1000 crystal for siege , 2000 at week is a too big advantaje a player can get and he get a push up very big . To give an example the ***Vacky*** guy i mantioned in earlier posts summon yesterday from crystals a lot , and i say realy a lot of nat 5. From what he say was over 20k crystals summon. No normal player can do this unless they heavy farm siege or they buy packs. The guy didn.t spend 1$.
                    Solutions are ! Com2us need to give it a move!


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                      I have to fully agree with you on this. We are experiencing this in our current siege battle. Just watched ONE person from one of the opposing guilds sweep several towers (MORE than 15+ battles by him/herself) in fact. It's very annoying, and you're right Come2us NEEDS to do something about it! I'd love to see an end put to this abuse of siege battles. Of the many suggestions made by the others and yourself, I would go with two of them for sure: 1) Reducing the amount of crystals that the lower tiers can earn. If the endgame level players can only earn 300 crystals at most in F3 level sieges and 500 crystals C1- C3 level sieges (as was given as an example), it should hopefully cut down on their power farming. 2) I'd also go with the 10 battles (with 3 monsters required) required instead of the 30 monsters rule. In fact, I'd consider this one a MUST as it's how a lot of endgame players are getting away with power farming the lower level sieges. I'm not so sure about the other suggestions, especially the banning. I think I'd only use banning those players who are abusing the siege system as a last resort. It's a pretty harsh measure, though I can see where you are coming from (though admittedly it could be used to keep the power farmers in line). No matter what, SOMETHING needs to be done by Come2us though.