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    I am relatively new to the game, less than 200 days, one of the things I find very unjust is the time factor. Example players who started the game the day after the Verdehile event will have a lot of trouble getting a good DB10 team, although COm2US has released an event to be able to get it for free. Me that I find myself doing raids, I see myself forced to use Darion, which is the worsened version of Diaz in many respects. Finding the first pvp I find a stripper AOE very useful, Gemini for example is hardly obtainable but he was also released a long time ago. Surely, like me in so little time that I play, many others before me have had the same thought ... But at the moment I do not see anything that rotates in this sense. My first proposal would be an event for the players, maybe that is unlocked at a certain level or an event that can be used only once per account. So you can also take advantage of monsters that are really useful for newcomers in different aspects of the game. This is an excellent time to propose these changes because I start to notice a greater frequency of updates and a more active community both from the point of view of the world and from the point of view of variety of content,

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    Or just build a time machine .. seems possible enough


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      It's looking more like this is a game for the early investors. There is no practical way for a new player to catch up with summons and runes...and level up those glory towers to be able to compete at higher ranks as a F2P player.
      They rolled out those newbie quests, which was helpful. But your point about Verde is valid for players who missed it or started after the event. Or even for those who missed the special fusion event that gave away 2 Nat 4s for fusion...or those who missed the pick your own free Nat 4 event earlier this year.
      The HoH issue is what it is and probably won't change unless they make comebacks in anniversary event (assuming they weren't already brought back in a previous anniversary event). At least you can obtain 4* pieces in the new guild magic shop and these are generally old elemental HoH monsters, sadly no LnD monster pieces so no Dias or light brownie.


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        hold on... are you asking help or ranting ?

        - all achievements can be done by all players, old and new alike..
        - but events.. cannot be repeated (that fast)...
        - HOH will cycle.. but will be long wait...
        - Ah Darion is not a worse version of Dias... i use Dias on main... i use Darion on alt .. both surviving R5...

        you are stil new.. lots more to learn

        I suggest, instead of asking the impossible.. play, Have fun and learn.

        good luck


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          Well you don't need all nat4 like Verde or dias they can be replaced with nat3 like spectra and darion, so there is no point of getting all helpful nat 4.yes they can be helpful but as long as you can replace them with farmable you don't to have to get them. Do it like the old accounts they did it without them too. And back in time it wasway harder to start in this game than it is now. My friend did GB 10 DB 10 and nb 10 within 1 and half months.