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Rune of refresh bugged?

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  • Rune of refresh bugged?

    Rune description: decreases the skill cooldown time of the skill that you used in proportion to no. of targets with a X% chance when you use a reviving skill.

    The problem is it doesn't work as the tooltip describes. For evg it reduces cooldown by one turn for both skills, but when evg's first skill procs skill up and revives 2 heroes. The skill cooldown is still only reduced by one turn. When tested on fire dragon with a 5 man team, it reduced his cooldown from 15 to 8 turns, meaning it's a 7 turn cooldown for 4 heroes. When used on selena it reduces cooldown by 1 turn when rezzing 1-2 heroes, reduces by 2 turns when rezzing 3-4 heroes.

    Is it working as intended and the English tooltip is just wrong or is this a bug? I'd expect evg to have her skill CD reduced by 2 turns when skill up procs

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    Items and runes may reduce the cooldown for summoner spells and other items. vidmate rune. Cooldown reduction is determined at the moment an ability is activated.
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