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What happened to the news/notices on the event page..?

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  • What happened to the news/notices on the event page..?

    I used to get the event news on the event page within the game. But now i get nothing. Is this a permanent thing? Cause I found it really helpful to know what event is about to start/happen and what the prizes would be. Instead of waking up or starting the game app and "OH, There's a new event.." and I might have missed a timed 1hr thing.

    IE: this new all-attribute 2x essences and free energy during certain hours/days...didn't know about that until it occurred. WTH.

    Please fix this.

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    It did say yesterday at the top of the chat screens that there was an event this weekend, although you're right, it didn't say what. I'm guessing it was probably thrown in last minute as a fix for the recent login server issues. I don't care if I miss all the timed stuff, just being able to finish farming out wind essences is enough for me.


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      I mentioned it in bugs earlier today because I haven't seen anything official regarding it ... though I noticed it after being able to get in from the server issues


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        guessing it is all due to the lack of hive was said that this was only temp fix, just so we could play game, they are still working on total fix of what happened


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          A reply from someone working at com2us would be great regarding this issue. No notice board, no 2ndary password, no hive access. Talk about "transparency". At least give us notice if there would be an upcoming event or update. Or any announcement for your future plans on how you're going to fix the game.


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            Unapproved comment?? Really?


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              Wow. I didn't even said any offensive words. I noticed that when I used the word "t r a n s p a r e n c y" my replies were tagged unapproved. Lol

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            Logic dictates that hive was down. Updates/events/passwords are through hive. So pretty obvious why it wasn't working imo