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LUQ PS/PS? Prey Sentence + Prey Sentence (SuB)

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  • LUQ PS/PS? Prey Sentence + Prey Sentence (SuB)

    ^ Topic,

    Does Prey Sentence sub stack with the Unique itself.

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    Unfortunately, you can't stack the same unique twice when crafting. For example, you can't select a SoB on the main slot an then put four other SoBs. However, if I'm not mistaken, a regular UQ EBM and a sub EBM on a LUQ on the same line do stack their effect.


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      Yes I believe that is so, not even being allowed to have the option to put the same unique in one of sub slots when creating a legend unique

      Wording is always confusing, which leads to misunderstandings. But the developers should explain these details a lot more clearer.


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        Bumping this with a another question.

        Can legend unique subs stack with each other?

        For example a Ignition Catalyst and a Evolving Addiction sub on a player on the front.

        And a Battalion and a Evolving Addiction sub on a player on the mid.

        Will both EA subs both stack on the goalkeeper?
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          Nope, it works the same way as UQ. Thought, EA x IC and IC x EA can work (since they're not placed in the same spot)