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Craftig runes event bug

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  • Craftig runes event bug

    After 3 days i cant load this event page,everytime i try my game crash, my tablet is old i know but can still play summoners war well." It isn't possible loading the page please try later" this is the message before the crashes.thanks for the attention

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    nikomiko Hello!

    In order to try and fix this issue, we would suggest the following.

    1. Please try to have at least 2GB of free memory remaining.

    2. Clear and delete device and application cache.

    3. Free up as much memory as possible on the device.

    4. Make sure to connect to the game using a full-strength 4G LTE connection or dedicated high-speed WiFi Connection

    5. Please try to uninstall and re-install the game and reboot your device

    Hopefully this helps!
    If you're still having this issue, please contact our Customer Support Representatives!


    • Stvevan
      Stvevan commented
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      Or maybe. Just maybe. After 4 years. You guys sat over there at c2u could you know. Maybe um address this bug?

      Do you even realise how common this bug is? How annoying it is to see that stupid green monster? Who we ALL want to punch in its face?

      You could just extend the time out limit on the page as it loads. It's ridiculous. Every bodies phone/tablet runs everything else fine. Other games fine. Sw fine. But load up a stupid event page? Hell no. Reinstall everytime?! Why should we? It should just load.

    • nikomiko
      nikomiko commented
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      I tried all your suggestions but sadly i still crash while load this event, i will send a message to hive support.
      I hope don't see this issiue anymore in future events because (just like Stvevan's said) all others game parts works well and is very frustrating lose rewards for that problem.
      Thanks for your help and attention

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    Why do we need 2 GB of free memory available to open an event page?

    ​​​​Page isn't that big. I agree with whats been said above. This is a steady problem that should of been fixed yrs ago.


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      Spent the last 2 hours trying to load the event tab. For the past four days or so. Every time it keeps crashing. Shows the small bit of images and text all crunch up against each other and before the page loads and expands the text/images out correctly, just crashes after showing that stupid little green thing.

      This problem is getting really annoying, been playing this game for years now and this is just a growing annoying problem. It's to the point that I don't even look in any other event tabs unless it gives rewards and even then I only struggle with the non-stop crashing to get the rewards...

      I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7"


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        Hey guys!
        Could you please fill out this survey so we can relay this information to our developers in order to find a solution to this issue!
        Thank you!