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Heroes for Ancient Fortress and Abandoned mine

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  • Heroes for Ancient Fortress and Abandoned mine

    I would like to know which heroes are good for ancient fortress and abandoned mine b6.
    I played for quite a long time but still couldn't win b6 unless I used friend's heroes like lion relus, sea god pones etc.

    For b5, here is my auto team:
    Abandoned mine: Liena, Miho, Sable, Fermata and Dr. Falcon (95% win)
    Ancient fortress: Sable, Miho, Titan, Dinamis, Ental / Snow Dragon, Miho, Titan, Dinamis, Dr. Falcon (both teams are 100% win)
    I want to ask Victor and Titan, which one are better?
    I saw there are top 10 heroes inside the game, is it really correct?
    Thanks all!,
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    1. Victor and Titan are not exactly good for B6 or M6 in the long-term, despite the game giving you Victor early on for it. Titan is good for PvP though, particularly in Guild Wars.

    2. Nope. For example, Normal Dungeons list Dran, Lucipher, Evgenia, Dias, and Raria as the top 5 heroes for it, yet standard farming heroes such as Tart, Dr. Falcon, and Fermata (all of which are actually used for this kind of content) don't even make it to the top 10 for this category. Most hero ratings are made by users who don't care and just 5-star every category or 1-star everything just because they can.

    Standard Fortress Core: Dinamis, Dr. Falcon
    Preferred Options: Liena, Fairo, Snow Dragon

    Dinamis + Dr. Falcon serve as the backbone of the team. Dinamis, when built with Attribute Power, Defense, and some Critical Evasion/Defense, can tank everything in B6 without requiring any healing whatsoever. Falcon does not have to be fast as he simply provides the Greed for the team, which will be important for your DPS.

    Liena is the preferred damage dealer to auto B6 due to her unique ability to double-DoT enemies and having naturally high Attack. After the stat revamp, enemies with high Defense greatly reduce her damage output (primarily the boss), but she still remains as one of the best damage dealers for B6.

    Fairo is the preferred damage dealer for fast, manual B6 runs since her traits grant a significant boost to her Attack. When properly geared, she can easily 1-shot enemy waves through Brave Warrior with her insane burn damage. Snow Dragon can be taken to set up CC-immunity before nuking.

    Generally speaking, any DPS with DoT components or multistrikes are ideal for B6.

    Standard Mines Core: Ental, Grace
    Preferred Options: Temira, Fenzy, Fermata, Miho...

    Ental + Grace are key members of a tanky auto M6 team. Damage output of the team comes from Grace's reflect buff and burn immunity is covered by Ental. A fast Ental works well here for better immunity uptime, as you may find that success is dependent on not getting burned. Basically, this team only needs to focus on survival rather than damage output. People can also choose to run a team revolving around counter-attacks with General Peng, Captain Radin, and/or other supports that grant effect-on-hit buffs such as Merai and Elrai.

    The last three slots of the team are reserved for other support heroes that contribute to the team's survival. Temira is quite common to take as she can erect a huge life shield on the entire party. Fenzy is helpful for additional damage reduction and providing a defense buff that freezes attackers, but does not synergize well with Merai or Elrai. Miho limits direct damage intake to 40% of your maximum health, which can be necessary if your team is not very tanky. Fermata is another good choice since he never makes direct contact with enemies when using his AoE bleed (auto-attacks aside) and he can also resurrect allies that happen to die during the run.

    Fast Mines Core: Blue Dragon, Frost Wolf
    Preferred Options: Tart, Praus, Molly, Falcon, Elrai... (Too many to list)

    Fast Tato Mines Core: Rosemary, Fenzy, Dr. Falcon, Frost Wolf
    Preferred Options: Tart, Lucipher, Dias...

    Fast M6 teams have a good variety of options to choose from, as many heroes qualify as wave and/or boss nukers. Basically, any hero that can hit all enemies or those in a cross are good candidates for a nuke team.

    Blue Dragon is a popular choice due to his Overcome Death trait, which prevents him from dying for 2 turns. Players can take advantage of this by guaranteeing that he will nuke a wave even if he takes damage that would've killed him. He also has an elemental advantage over enemies in M6, so he naturally causes 30% extra damage to them. Blue Dragon also enables easy access to autoing M6 quickly, even with mediocre gear and/or low transcends. He's extremely budget-friendly!

    In a Blue Dragon setup, you can actually only bring 1 other nuker with Falcon since Blue Dragon himself can sweep the second and boss waves. Usually though, a nuke team has 3 nukers - two for the chest waves, and one for the final boss wave. The last two slots are reserved for supports that assist in improving the team's damage, or reviving them (if your team needs it). Here are a few examples of a fast manual team setup:

    1. Blue Dragon, Praus, Dr. Falcon, Elrai, Frost Wolf
    2. Blue Dragon, New Dealer, Lucipher, Frost Wolf, Ramia
    3. Blue Dragon, Dias, Tart, Frost Wolf, Mist

    For auto, you also have several choices. Most of them boil down to two teams: Blue Dragon or Tato.

    Blue Dragon auto teams rely on having 2 wave nukers. These nukers must have the ability to only ever cast their nuke skill when chosen to attack by the AI, and it has to be one that at least hits enemies in a cross. Heroes like Tart, Ninox, Cropollux, Iradel (unawakened), and Marianne are all good candidates for wave nukers.

    All wave nukers must have at least 657+ Speed and 28-38% Accuracy (depends on transcends), no matter what build you're giving them. Some nukers can afford to stick to an Attack/Penetration-focused build (Iradel, Cropollux) due to extremely high damage coefficients or the high transcends. Others however demand a 100% Critical Rate build to reach high damage levels. You may also need to have a set nuke order by adjusting speed levels so that certain heroes are faster than another, like Tart must be faster than your second nuker so that she does not try to revive it on the next wave if they died from reflect. Blue Dragon of course will be the boss wave nuker; as long as he can kill the entire wave with his two skills, you're basically covered.

    Damage-boosting supports include Frost Wolf (+30% damage bonus), Mist (+75% additive coefficient too skills), and Ramia (30% Critical Rate for frontline nukers vs. back row). Frost Wolf is typically standard in this team. Mist is a luxury but very helpful if you have him. Ramia is good and cheap to invest in to have if you find 100% Critical on some nukers to be too difficult to reach.

    Tato teams are very different and revolve around Horn-Whale Tato's relation effect when Rosemary and Fenzy are present on the team. His relation allows each of your heroes the ability to cheat death once per wave, which is very important since enemies in M6 reflect damage (which usually means your nuker ends up dead). This refreshes upon entering a new wave, allowing you to have 1 dedicated nuker to clear all waves. The Burn effect that you occasionally get from attacking enemies will not trigger if you 1-shot the wave, meaning survival is guaranteed.

    Since the team is largely fixed, the only wiggle room you have here is what nuker you take. Ideally, it's a strong full-grid attacker such as Tart, Dias, or Lucipher, but other heroes can make this possible. Tart however is the only realistic option for an auto team. Whatever the case, the Tato nuker needs at least 966+ Speed to go before the boss does on the last wave, in addition to having at least 32-42% Accuracy, depending on transcends (Accuracy level requirement less of a pain if your Tato pet is a high level). In an auto team, Rosemary cannot be faster than your nuker, so you must also be content with having a slower Rosemary.


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      Finally I can do over 90% b6 ancient fortress, I use snow dragon, Liena, Titan, Dinamis, Motherly Goddess Temira, I know it's not a perfect team, but I think I can use it right now. But abandoned mine b6 is so so difficult, really need to think a good team! Demichaos, really thanks for your detailed analysis!!! I will try to follow your suggestion!


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