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Monster balancing patch in a month or two, ideas on what will be changed?

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  • Monster balancing patch in a month or two, ideas on what will be changed?


    -Fire/Wind/Light, Prayer of Protection(S2): Removes all harmful effects on the ally and makes the ally invincible for 1 turn. (Reusable in 5 turns)
    Lv.2 Cooltime Turn -1
    Lv.3 Cooltime Turn -1
    Change: Removes one harmful effect on all allies, the targetted ally has all harmful effects removed and gains invincibility for 1 turn. (Reusable in 5 turns)
    Lv.2 Cooltime Turn -1
    Lv.3 Cooltime Turn -1

    Conclusion:Basically the skill is the same except now it cleanses one harmful effect from everyone else as well. This buff isn't huge but it helps clutch cleanse possible aoe defense breaks in GW while protecting one ally from death (for example Ophelia/Imesety/Bulldozer vs a Khmun/Theo/Feng Yan with theo or feng yan on counter could abruptly end up giving yourself an defense break on another ally and Ophelia can save with her aoe cleanse..I'm not going to list more scenarios because I have to write other suggestions in this post and I don't want it to be a college essay).

    -Wind, Divine Wind(S3): Recover the HP of all allies by 25% each and create a shield that's proportionate to 25% of your HP for 3 turns. (Reusable in 5 turns)
    Lv.2 Shield +10%
    Lv.3 Recovery +10%
    Lv.4 Shield +10%
    Lv.5 Recovery +10%
    Lv.6 Cooltime Turn -1
    Changed: Recover the HP of all allies by 20% each and create a shield that's proportionate to 20% of your HP for 3 turns. (Reuseable in 4 turns)
    Lv.2 Shield +10%
    Lv.3 Recovery +10%
    Lv.4 Shield +10%
    Lv.5 Recovery +10%
    Lv.6 Cooltime Turn -1

    Conclusion: lowered the heal and shield by 5% each ,helps make my suggestion not seem like a huge buff. A 3 turn shield will be either violent procced off or not last as long as you'd think, even if you went spd/hp/hp louise and had 40k hp, a 25% shield is 10k and GW/RTA/Arena has many bruiser comps or monsters like theomars/lushen who could destroy things like this not to even mention the strippers. the cooldown decrease will also help make the skill an actually useable heal....4 turn cooldown heal is way too long anyways if she's the only healer on your team and even still only healing 25%.

    -Light, Justice Strike(Awakened)(S1): Attacks and stuns the enemy for 1 turn with a 15% chance. Recover the HP of an ally with the lowest HP by 10%. This attack will deal more damage according to your MAX HP.
    Lv.2 Damage +5%
    Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate +5%
    Lv.4 Damage +10%
    Lv.5 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
    Lv.6 Damage +15%

    Changed:Attacks and stuns the enemy for 1 turn with a 15% chance. Recover the HP of an ally with the lowest HP Ratio,RATIO.... RAY, SHE, OH, PLEASE! by 10%. This attack will deal more damage according to your MAX HP. She is also able to heal herself(not as critically needed as the suggested change).

    Conclusion: Heal by hp ratio will help make her not heal the theomars at max hp with 20k max hp and actually heal the Ritesh who got theo violent proccing his booty to 10% hp with 40k max hp. the other suggestion I made for her isn't as needed as much but would still be nice.

    -----------------------------------------Whiners' Corner-----------------------------------------

    Shi Hou:
    S1-Stuns 50% rate
    S2-AoE 100% rate
    S3-Strip 50% rate IF crits,3 crits lowers S3 1 cooldown + always 1turn invincible & 2turn immunity

    He has a good CC kit, decent stats, is leaning towards as a suspected nuker since his 3rd requires critr, he has problems being built sometimes because of all can't(I mean you could) build him on Violent but if he procs out of his invincibility he's a sitting duck usually. I think he's fine as is though...If I ever got one I'd test him our as a vamp/revenge hybrid with some accuracy....stun revenges, aoe atb reduction would also heal off with vamp, 3rd gives him invincibility but also immunity like a rakan...higher defense/atk/spd compared to a laika...about 1.3k less base hp tho.

    S1-just dmg
    S2-proportionate to enemy hp +def breaks
    S3-auto revive passive +atk buff when revived

    She was incredibly outshined before and post buff people kind of still dislike her...dunno what to say but I'd of gone Despair/revenge spd/hp/def with a good chunk of acc if I had her...that's just me though

    S1-strip 50% rate
    S2-aoe cooltime up on enemies 80% rate
    S3-hp curse,shields

    I have this guy, I go vampire on him and I enjoy it, I wish his base stats were better though..his hp is normal for an attack type, so is his atk and his defense is oddly high for one...base speed hurts a bit. It's definitely hard to build him though.

    S1-same as praha.
    S2-same. as. praha.
    S3-cleanse + heal if 2+ debuffs, healing more with every debuff

    I don't know why people think she needs a buff, I always hate her in the first stage of a toa 100 when it comes around, if you set your team to be easily sweeped and have a juno in it then I'd see it failing alot. She does need a team built around her for sure but that doesn't mean she sucks at all.

    -------------------------------------On to the fun stuff now-------------------------------------

    Death Knights
    S1-Scaling on Hp

    S3-Trade(Conrad) gives up 30% of current HP and deal it as damage to the targetted enemy, heals allies(not himself) by 30% of inflicted damage

    Details into New Conrad 3rd: if you build a conrad with 40k hp, he could deal 12k damage and heal his team 3.6k hp, and that's if you don't go full hp all 3 slots and energy runes either...not even including hp lead and buildings.

    Conclusion:Modernizing Death Knights(Have you guys noticed death knights have their 3rd skill relating to marketting? Fire=Extortion, Water=Decline, Wind=Supply, Light=Trade, Dark=Control)

    Epikion Priests
    S2-Block Flow(Michelle/Rasheed)
    Recovers the HP of all allies and elongates the time of beneficial effects and shortens the time of harmful effects on them. Recovering amount is proportionate to the Attack Power. (Reusable in 4 turns)

    Update: remove attack power scaling, they're priests...why would they even scale off attack? Make the heal a 15% heal with an regen buff for 2 turns.(I know the low heal sounds off-putting but it's for epikions, can't have them being way better than chloe/rina/iona 2nd skill heal)

    S3-Soul Control(Rasheed)Recovers your HP by 100% if the enemy you attacked dies. (Reusable in 5 turns)

    Change to (Passive) Recovers your HP by 50% of lost hp(OF LOST HP, NOT TOTAL HP) if an enemy dies.

    List of monster families they should buff that no one uses but I'm too lazy to keep going myself:

    Martial Artists
    Charger Sharks
    Beast Hunters
    Imp Champions
    Martial Cats
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    Vanessa for sure does not need a buff. I don't know what you mean by people still dislike her, During the week I am able to stay in the top100 arena and I am seeing a LOT, a LOT of Vanessas. During rush I am c3/g1 and I've seen a lot of Vanessas there too. Really hard comps to deal with.

    I was a Vanessa user before buff (mainly offense) and now I use her on my AD with pretty good success too. Give monsters like Raki some love, Vanessa is fine.

    We all know that Psama is better. We all know that Psama is more versatile. We all know that Psama should be nerfed. This does not means Vanessa is a bad monster at all, she is currently in a good spot. Just nerf psama.


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      Water paladin Passive changed to:
      When under an inability effect, instantly cleanse the whole team and grants her a turn instantly. Heal the lowest HP unit by 10% every time she takes a turn.
      6 turn CD
      1: cooldown reduction
      2: cooldown reduction
      3: cooldown reduction

      Without a change like this, she literally has no use. Building a unit with 50K+ hp, yet nothing scaling on hp, having no heal. and purposefully zero resistance to proc her passive is foolish. You're opening to defence breaks and being nuked down. All the while, the rest of your team remains stunned with no way of saving her.


      • Parasite
        Parasite commented
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        She only heals and cleanses if she is stunned. So dont stun her. Thats the point, its like juno, you have to consider the passive when facing her. You could give josephine 10 turns, shes not going to be a threat to. The enemy in her current form. Shes got no damage, gets defense broken because you dont want resistance, then dies.

      • Axelluu
        Axelluu commented
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        not just stuns, inability effects... plus if they don't have them then don't bring her at all lol

      • Parasite
        Parasite commented
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        inability effects are stuns and sleeps. thats all. So if you dont want her to proc, then dont bring either. Shes a defence unit. no ones using her or offence since she has no offensive skills..

        in the end, its up to com2us. if they dont change her, i dont care, she can rot in storage. if they do change her, then great. i have zero use for a unit like her. i doubt anyone does in her current form.

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      Originally posted by Axelluu View Post

      S1-same as praha.
      S2-same. as. praha.
      S3-cleanse + heal if 2+ debuffs, healing more with every debuff

      I don't know why people think she needs a buff, I always hate her in the first stage of a toa 100 when it comes around, if you set your team to be easily sweeped and have a juno in it then I'd see it failing alot. She does need a team built around her for sure but that doesn't mean she sucks at all.
      Juno deserves a serious rework before Paladin get their buffs tbh.. The reason why ppl think she needs a buff is that her 3rd Skill is a conditional passive that wont activate 99,9% of the fights (every AO uses AoE Def Break + Nuke without any debuffs like Lushen e.g.) thus she's in need of a buff


      • PotatoChips
        PotatoChips commented
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        Buff Juno 2018

      • thib04
        thib04 commented
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        Sorry for being rude but the problem with suggestions is the bias due to the fact you own or not the concerned monster

      • Luckaras
        Luckaras commented
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        I think every Monster deserves a Buff if needed
        But some Units are waiting for more than 3 yrs already (Juno) while some are quite young (Paladins) and it would be unfair for Juno owner's if they decide to buff Paladin's first while Juno is waiting way longer & needs it much more ^^

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      Here is what I hope,

      1. Juno: Re-work
      2. Raki: Buff Soul Crusher
      3. Helena: Buff Eternal Flame
      4. Grogen: Re-work
      5. Han: Buff Simple Solution
      6. Ganymede: Nerf Seal Magic --> Cannot be refreshed
      7. Psamathe: Slight nerf --> Reduce damage multiplier of Rageful Return
      8. Seara/Giana: Nerf --> Do not gain an additional turn if bombs fail to land
      9. Mo Long/Tian Lang: --> Remove stun from Dragon's Dance
      10. Daphnis: Buff Hellfire

      Just my wish list. Do not flame me.
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      • DrWord
        DrWord commented
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        Seara and Mo Long nerf? You wish lol. That's don't make any different on Seara pre-buff.

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      Let me add 1 monster
      tetra --> reduce cooldown on skill 3 by 1 turn


      • scottieeraz
        scottieeraz commented
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        I agree, Tetra needs a buff on her 3rd skill.

        Tetra's 3rd doesn't do any damage.
        Tetra needs more than this done to her 3rd skill - see Sonnet's 3rd skill:
        Distorted Healing Music: Attacks all enemies to put them to sleep for 1 turn and creates a shield that's equivalent to 30% of the damage on all allies for 2 turns. The damage of this skill increases accordingly to your MAX HP. (Reusable in 6 turns > 4 after both skill up)

        Here's my suggestion:
        Song of the Sirens: Sings an irresistible song that seduces all enemies by putting them to sleep for 1 turn and removing 1 beneficial effect. Additionally, boosts the attack bar of the ally with the lowest attack bar by 30% and increases the Attack Power for 1 turn. (Reusable in 6 turns)

      • PotatoChips
        PotatoChips commented
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        Her irresistible is good she doesn’t need acc for her 3rd skill but need acc for her 1st skill lol

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      Hoping for the ff in the next balance patch:

      Akroma -- > 3rd skill rework
      Monte -- > 3rd skill rework


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        If the light Paladin got the buffs listed in the OP here, I still wouldn't bother to build her. 15% stun chance on skill 1 is inexcusably bad for a nat 5*, even paired with the 10% heal. Even taken together, it's pretty underwhelming compared to... pretty much every other nat 5's first skill, except for dragons. Even valkyries just getting to do their 2nd skill automatically if they kill with their 1st is much better than a negligible chance at stunning plus a minor single target heal.

        Prayer of Protection is alright, but not amazing. Turning it into a partial cleanse for all allies would at least make it good, but it's still far from must-have.

        Cry of Provocation also needs something more. If she can't outright have 1 turn invincibility along with the provoke, she should at least get defense buff and reduced chances of critical hits. Even then, she'd just be decent rather than great.


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          Balancing is just that... some need to be improved and others need to be reduced. I'll likely get flamed but note that I have most of the monsters listed below, including those I suggest need to be nerfed.

          So here's a little of what I'd like to see go into it:

          Violent runes only provide 1 extra turn, not successive opportunities for extra turns. Across the board, not just in World Arena.

          I too hope that Paladins get a little love. Your ideas can work
          I also think Vanessa needs continued work - especially considering Linda dots on first skill, AoE def break on 2nd skill, and casts soul protect with 3rd that has an AoE attack.
          Juno's passive needs an overhaul - way too conditional and way to easy to work around.
          Sekhmet's buff - Charming Voice reordering of events - strip first, then reset cooldowns - remove the attack since skill is buffed a bit with reordering. Make it a non-damage skill.
          Raki buff - Soul Crusher increase multiplier by 55% to 475%
          Daphnis buff - Hellfire increase multiplier by 40% to 900%
          Psamanthe nerf - Rageful Return reduce multiplier by 50% to 400%
          Racuni nerf - change passive to remove 1 debuff. This skill is way overpowered for a 3* as it is. This change mitigates this somewhat.
          Lushen nerf - Amputation Magic reduce multiplier by 8% from 68% to 60%.
          Theomars nerf - Triple Crush reduce multiplier by 15% to 175%
          Tesarion buff - Triple Crush increase multiplier by 10% to 200%
          Feng Yan nerf - Wind and Clouds passive reduce multiplier by 20% to 140%
          Xiong Fei buff - Panda Supremacy increase multiplier by 20% to 100%
          Seara/Giana nerf - Fate of Destruction only provides another turn if bomb does not land
          HP scaling on Death Knights and Epikion Priests is good, I'd like to see this too.
          Rasheed's 3rd skill needs rework to be an attack that lands Oblivion debuff for 2 turns.
          Kamatau's passive needs to be reworked to increase Attack Power based on what he enters battle with - similar to Iron's passive.
          Janssen's 3rd skill needs to be reworked more similar to Teon's 3rd - so that cooldown is significantly lower if no allies are revived.
          Tetra's buff - Song of Sirens puts all enemies to sleep for 1 turn and removes 1 beneficial effect. Boosts attack bar of ally with lowest ratio and increases Attack Power for 1 turn.


          • Ragdolled
            Ragdolled commented
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            I feel most of these are fair points, but I do not necessarily believe that vio should be 1 turn only all around. I do feel it should be 1 or 2 max in PvP but no limit in the other aspects. I do enjoy your Seara balance idea. She can be a little too crazy and that's a fair and not op change.

          • IshimaruRitsu
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            sekhmet's charming voice already steals buff before reset, what she needs is for it to be irresistible cuz that is the only reason people bring her into guild wars for example.

          • DrWord
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            You should know why Seara has such skill right? She is the worst nat 5 back then because a simple fusion monster like Vero can counter her easily when she can't get additional turn after she use 2nd skill.

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          So many essays about the several different parts of the game and way of creating better then it is here. Such interesting descriptions can be competitors even with according to their structure, information, content and a lot of different other factors overall the page. Will have several other variants of description here.


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            destroy thread please, someone necro'd it.


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