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  • Weasl
    Holding the ball in the front is really hard these days, so it's best to actually focus on stalling in the midline and taking the ball from the back to the front.

    For the front just pick whatever the latest flavor of broken passers is to accompany the cancer tier miri/baltheon combo.

    For your mid I'd shift Shu to RWM (he's stealing/penetrating menace so long as he's alive) and then toy with Nabi at LWM while building a real CAM (I personally run Lia, but i'm mono ardor) that's main roll is to simply survive the potential attempted steals at the start of the match.

    For your back no clue, you have Jiho and the rest of the cancer crew, I personally hate facing Lindberg (she can maul my william with her steals and penetrates well) so she might be a thought to replace Patricia.

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  • nehes
    I would put shu instead of patricia and on mid lane felix or serestia mid or both instad of vic. For black horns i have Nabi but she isn´t good at all, cause she never gets the ball to make a pass and its damn weak to all legends who pen. So if he helps ur back its actually good (only if u can go front)

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  • PaxMilitae
    Have you already considered replacing Black Horns with Aslan? Her global totem should help mitigate the loss of that 40% defense, not to mention it will make your team as a whole hit much harder. Give her some EoTS (to make your mid quicker) or TW (because Reflex War). I didn't test her much, but I benched Metatron for Thor and no regrets so far, since my team is heavily based around Assists and Leaders. Yours is heavy on defenders and attackers, so consider giving the Lion Lady a shot

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    commented on 's reply
    I think that is Shu in his mid line

    Team as a rainbow is... solid.... and messy... Miri is broken and paired with Baltheon.... this is good combo, Sura is good support but I realy want to see how this team work against backline with kevin... Mid line is nice mainly because of victoria but whole line is slow... 3 legends in backline with jiho totem - that can work not easy to kill it can tak 2 - 4 shots.... So overall as I write before solid rainbow team, action speed is your main weakness... In your place I will try to build up 2 color team or just pick one color... but it is hard to pick what color is best for you...

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  • Elementals
    Personally, your team is solid, but you might want to change your CM. It's hard to suggest anything since I'm sort of a mono-legend player. Choi CM is a bit weird and dont really benefit your team much. His power only comes when he gets to move.

    Your front is great, 2 passers are better than 1 when facing tons of presty, moreover there are more chances of solo shooting their GK. Any passers are fine, but i prefer passers that give pen :P

    Your back is nice too, kinda my dream back, just that I don't have presty and duran yet

    My only suggestion that I can make is focus on UQ making, based on your TA, you might either have lackluster powerup on players or missing core UQs.

    Thats all for now

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    started a topic Recent Legend Addition Confuses Comp

    Recent Legend Addition Confuses Comp

    Alright. With the recent addition of Miri to my ranks, it’s left me in a weird spot. She’s 2 SPU short from being fully maxed, but I’m left at a loss for the rest of my comp.

    As you can see, I have many strong legends, but I wonder if some should be switched for 5*s that can do a more effective job or vice versa. I also got Choi as well as Miri, but she sucked all resources, so my Choi is left empty.


    I’m told that Black Horns is a waste and that there are many better characters, blah blah blah, BUT, Presty has friendship with him (40% defense). So, he makes her a lot stronger. He is currently maxed and gets a lot of counters which helps a lot for the whole team, as is his purpose for act bar control and spirit gen. But would switching him for Choi be a wiser decision? Sure, I’d get a lot of power out of Choi, but how would he affect my Presty or my def?

    How about Shu or Victoria? Is there someone I can be better using when having Miri and Presty in mind?
    “Shu should be put in def line.” Yeah. Sure, but how does that affect Presty? Also, Shu wastes unnecessary spirit for his active, so spirit regen is not his strong suit unless it’s a steal.


    I’ve been toying with my def an insane amount. Of time. I’m trying to make my team as versatile as possible, but there is always a big flaw somewhere.
    I’ve used a
    def before with Black Horns for extra def. Presty was nigh unkillable, but at the same time, my team lacked an ability to STAY FORWARD.

    Suggestions are appreciated.


    I know, I know...I have Miri now. There should be no problems. Not quite. Miri and Baltheon are here to stay, but who needs to be the third wheel to keep things in check? Ernesto and Shura have been decent at it, but I’d like to hear suggestions for who should stay there.
    (Maybe a bold Celus front totem that ISN’T OHKO??)

    I’d like to hear any suggestions that you guys come up with! I’d like to break out of Diamond this season!


    Look at my comp and give me suggestions.